Does anyone know anything about home staging?

I am desperate for details on home staging... anything anyone knows will help. thanks!

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    home staging is a coined term that you can actually get sued over believe it or not, so when marketing your home, never use that term, use newly showcased instead. I showcase homes because the fee to get the license to be a stager is too nominal for what it's worth in these times.

    The big thing is to de clutter the home and to rid of/hide any photos, personal affects and toys of all things, kids toys are big turn offs. if you have a child's room set up to look like it, you should immediately work at getting that room to look like a spare room or office, or a room for an older teen in the sense that kids rooms really throw people off.

    all wall paintings should be hung at eye level. big mistake that is made that really makes a room look off. do not make a tv viewing area a focal point.

    strip wallcoverings that are out dated and paint a neutral beige or gray tone. it is ok to have accent walls in the home to carry the eye throughout.

    furniture rental companies can also help stage your home ifyoure in a pinch for the right furniture.

    remove clutter in the kitchen most of all this is the no. one selling point of a home.

    home staging shows on hg are really true to form.

    good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When staging your home for showing if your plan to sell, it is important to take all personal items out of the main living quarters. People need to be able to see how their things will look and not yours. That especially means personal photos.

    Clean out anything that does not look good. If you have stacks of items on tables, in the floor or in chairs, remove them.

    Make sure that all rooms are painted a pleasing neutral color. You may like bright yellow but others may not. Make sure all the trim in your home is painted the same color...such as a white.

    The carpets need to be cleaned completely. Not only will they look good but a lot of odor is carried in carpets.

    If a room is a bedroom but it is being used as a playroom, take the toys out and store them. Add a bed and other items used in a bedroom so the people looking at it will know that it is a bedroom.

    Clean you bathrooms and kitchen to a sparkling shine. That means the grout too if there is any. No clutter. Store items that you might have on your counter tops. That will make the kitchen and bath look bigger.

    Another thing that people overlook are the closets. Clean out the closets so that they look nice and tidy. Try to give them an air of having more room by removing anything that isn't necessary until the home is sold.

    Also, make sure that the shrubs outside the home has been trimmed and that nothing is in the yard other than what should be there. Mulch your flower beds to give them a clean and neat look.

    What about the light fixture outside the door? Does it need cleaning? Does the step have cracks in them? If so all of these things need to be addressed. Be sure that your front door has a new coat of paint and that it is a pretty color that will draw the eye to the entrance.

    The most important thing about selling a home is how it looks when a person drives up. If it does not look good, they may never come inside.

    One more thing. Clean your windows inside and out.

    Have a friend come in after you have done all of this and ask their opinion of what else they think is in the way or isn't necessary to show the home to it's full advantage.

    Good luck to you and happy selling.

    Source(s): I am an interior designer.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't perfume up the air when staging a home for viewing tours. Some people have allergies to carpet or air fresheners, and even candles or potpourri, and it will turn them off immediately. A trick some realtors use is to bake something just before staging a viewing, such as a loaf of bread or an apple pie (you can get either of these frozen and pop into the oven with no hassle at all). It creates a delicious scent throughout that makes a house feel like a home, and will leave the viewer with a good feeling about the place.

    Source(s): I'm a former property manager and staged model apartments in my job.
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    5 years ago

    I own a home staging company in Halifax, NS . It is called Staged for Upsell and I offer home staging consultations and furniture and decor rental to home owners and realtors. Staging a home for sale ensures that your home appeals to the largestaudience of potential buyers. Potential buyers find it difficult to visualize the actual space when a property is vacant so staging a house for sale with furniture can be essential to getting a quick offer and top dollar.

    Staging a home isn't only done when a property is vacant, it is also important for occupied homes. Decluttering, re-arranging furniture to ensure optimal flow, de-personalizing a home are all important things to do when preparing your home for sale. Staged for Upsell will work with what you currently have in your home but can also provide furniture and decor rental. Staged for Upsell has their own furniture inventory to pull from to ensure your home or property looks amazing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I watch those shows on HGTV and the main thing I notice is that they make the rooms appear larger by getting rid of all unnecessary clutter and even use less furniture. Also, a neutral wall color, usually earthy tones, seem to be preferred. Clean and uncluttered is the key.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A few things most people overlook...People always open the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers and closets. Don't forget to declutter these to make them appear more roomy. Oh yea, and medicine cabinets. Anything you can do to make everything seem sparse and bright.

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  • 1 decade ago

    De clutter & clean

    Neutral colors

    De personalize

    Show off and draw attention to the good things

    Always update kitchens and master baths

    No fake plants

    Source(s): Professional Faux Painter
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Number one... no clutter and get rid of anything that's extra. Keep it simple and clean... good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago and there are a lot of other websites. but clean and clutter free. homey. cozy :)

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