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Why does the USA always veto any and all UN resolutions in disfavour of Israel's activities?

Why do the news medias always mention the US call for peace in the Middle East and between Israel and Palestine when they've got their dirty little hands into virtually every problem in the Middle East and continue to back Israel no matter what?


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Update 2:

fineDavid - perhaps there is good reason that the US has few friends in the Middle East. The US has promoted monarchies and such throughout the area along with Britain. One of the worst abuses was the promotion of Saddam in Iraq and the 'killing' of democracy in Iran in 1953 and placement of the cruel Shaw of Iran as the Iranian leader. There is just so much that the USA has done with its terrorist CIA throughout the area.

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    Israel has been our Friend, just about the only one we have in the Middle East since the nation was resurrected in 1948. Turkey and when Sadat was over Egypt, you might call them friends, but Israel has been the only ones to stick by us thru thick and thin.

    So we stick up for them. Makes sense to me. They are also one of the only democratic counties in the area. Most of the other countries are Monarchies or Oligarchies with Muslim Clerics running them.

    btw, To time will tell

    Where do you get that Armagedon stuff? I do not know of even any fundamentalist preachers that WANT the Armageddon battle to start. There are plenty of them that think it is inevitable, but only a crazy person would want to help start a battle that could end the world. There are also a lot of people who think that the battle of Armageddon happened in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed. So try and get your facts straight. People who say these things are not Christians, they are posers who are trying to make all Christians look like Crazies.

    Now if Israel decided to start being a tyrant and using it's Nukes on all it's neighbors with out being provoked by someone else nuking them, our country might have to rethink our Foreign policy. But they have had nukes for quite some time now and have never used them. Their policy is to use the threat of having nukes to keep other counties from getting to aggressive with them. Same way we look at it.

    As apposed to Iran, which is aggressivly pursuing nukes so that they can use them offensively to annihilate Israel. So I think our freindship and mutual loyalty to Isreal is very justified.

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    If I were you, I'd go back and read the history of that area since 1917, when the Ottoman empire was split up after WWI. Half went to French and the other to Britain. There is a fundamental belief by the Arabs that israel should not be allowed to exist. They want total genocide of the Jews. That's why the US supports them. The PLO is nothing more than a front for that terrorist organization, who has taken on that task.

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    Two reasons.

    1. AIPAC and the mossad

    2. American Armageddonites.

    America supports Israel without question mainly because the Israeli political machine in America is the third strongest political organization in America - exceeded only by the DNC and the RNC.

    America now has a lot of political and religous leaders who subscribe to the Armageddonite philosophy. They don't want to wait for Armageddon, they want to make it happen. So they want the situation in the M.E. to get as far out of control as they possibly can. That means giving Israel as much rope as possible before they hang themselves. Once Israel has pissed off the whole world, then the Armageddonites will want to turn on them and encourage everyone to attack at once - armageddon.

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    Same reason bloody handed Iran and the Iran puppet Hamas-rats always say they are going to "wipe Israel off the map".

    To make a point.

    (last issue was an "abstain", so what now?)

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    because the us supplies weapons to israel and also a great number of israeli students attend college in the us some of them at our most well known universities and the politicians ger votes from their relative and their brethren at election time

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    You're right.Lets never mention it again.

    Israel may have a words words to say in their own defense though.

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    Money talks

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    Its a strictly pro-Israel policy.

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    I wish the Hamas would stop building their stations in civilian areas.

    You must live in mommies basement with zero real life experience of anything at all.

    I know your kind.

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