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Cheap resorts near northeast Ohio?

My family and I would like to find a resort for our vacation we will be taking in the spring, but we don't have a lot of money and can't go too far away. we live in ohio and would like to travel less than 4 hrs if possible. Does ny one kno of any resorts near ohio that may be afordable for my family? thank you for ur time.

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    Ohio's state parks offer many economical overnight opportunities, including campgrounds. Canoeing in the Mohican area is a lot of fun, but I've never done it in the spring. The current might be much stronger.

    Search for "Mohican canoeing" and you can find links such as the following:

    If you do go to Mohican, you might consider a day trip to Malabar Farm State Park. It's a lot of fun, especially if you're a movie buff.

    Visiting Pleasant Hill Dam, just upstream from the park, also is quite impressive:

    Another attraction in the area that might appeal to your kids, depending upon their ages, is the Richland Carousel in Mansfield.

    If you enjoy camping, you might consider Niagara Falls, if gasoline stays cheap and if the dollar stays strong vs. the loonie (you could buy Canadian dollars now). There are some great campgrounds near Niagara Falls.

    Hocking Hills is beautiful in the spring, but offers much more challenging hikes than at Mohican IMO.

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    You can go to Sandusky Ohio. Go to Cedar Point when it opens on May 25. Stay at a 60 - 70 dollar hotel and they are plenty of things like put-put and a Island Put-in-bay, where you can go by a boat.

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    There are a TON of very affordable resorts in the area. I would recommend checking out the website BookMe dot com. You can compare ALL the reputable travel ticket sites, and save money. Good luck!

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    Have you considered going up to Mohican and renting a cabin? Or Hocking Hills? Alot of the state parks have family cabins with full kitchens...and there are pools, activities available on their properties.

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    why don't you come up here to CANADA! i mean you cant get any cheaper than that! you can stay in the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagra Falls, Canada =D

    Source(s): i live in Canada!
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