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What is a good wireless Nursing Bra?

I've had three since I've had my baby. All three have caused me discomfort or worn out too quickly. I like the T chest straps, so if possible a bra with that.


Jaiden Eats At Mommy's I find this amusing that you would put this bra.

It's the one I'm wearing right now, I loved it at first but it's just getting to stretched out. The other two are these.

This one isn't exactly the same but it's close.

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    I don't even know why they make nursing bras with wires. They can lead to plugged ducts if not careful.

    I got my bras from target. They have a nice, silky one with some lace design that I really like. They have them in black, white, and nude. I also have some sporty microfiber bras that are super comfortable. And I have a nursing tank top from there.

    Walmart has changed who they get their bras from. I got a couple that are ok. One I bought reently, washed it, and can't return it :( The straps don't loosen enough. I have already made a couple minor sewing alterations to it and still need to do one more thing. But for $10 oh well. It fits great otherwise! And I LOVE their new nursing tank tops. They are thin and comfortable! (the one I had to make alterations to lol

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    1 decade ago

    I got a couple at Walmart. They worked great and were only about $8 or $10 each. The only flaw I would say is that they are extremely thin, which worked well with nursing pads, but when I no longer needed nursing pads, I couldn't wear them with a thin shirt b/c you could basically see my whole nipples then. But...for $10 and how comfortable they are, I'll definitely buy some more next time around.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This one is comfortable and lasted me the last trimester of my pregnancy and is still fine 10 months after birth.,1,104,1480,39183__pro...

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