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Can anyone give me some information on Jay Kay (Jamiroquai)?

I have chosen to write about Jay Kay (Jason Cheetham), the lead singer of the band Jamiroquai for an English task. I am finding it hard to find information about him on the internet and have had no luck finding any books about him. Can anybody give me some information on him, for example, key aspects of his career, successes, failures, how he became who he is today, inspirations etc. Any help is welcome, thanks.

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    Your good friend, Google, lists 11 million, four hundred thousand hits for him. Here are the first ten.


    Watch Music Videos

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    Jamiroquai - Official Site

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    By fans, for fans, with jamline mailing list, articles archive, and postcard center. - Cached


    Jamiroquai - Official Website / Home

    A slice of classic Jamiroquai, with it's shimmering disco strings and infectious ... A DVD of all Jamiroquai videos ever made will be simultaneously released on Sony ... - Cached


    Jamiroquai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jamiroquai was initially the most prominent component in the early-1990s London ... In 2003 Jamiroquai compiled and mixed a DJ mix album for the Late Night Tales ... - 68k - Cached


    Jamiroquai | Music Artist | Videos, News, Photos & Ringtones | MTV

    Stay current on the latest Jamiroquai music videos, news, tour dates, ringtones and more on MTV - the leader in music news, video premieres and entertainment online.

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    Jamiroquai - MySpace

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    The Official U.S. Sony BMG Website for JAMIROQUAI ... Join the JAMIROQUAI EMAIL MAILING list to stay up-to-date on all the latest news, ... - 52k - Cached


    Jamiroquai: Information from

    Formed: 1992 in London Representative Songs: 'Space Cowboy,' 'Virtual Insanity,' 'Deeper Underground' Representative Albums: The Return of the Space - 112k - Cached

    8. - Jamiroquai - UK - Funk / Pop / Jazz - ...

    MySpace music profile for Jamiroquai with tour dates, songs, videos, pictures, blogs, band information, downloads and more ... Jamiroquai to play Korea 14th ... - 163k - Cached


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    Rolling Stone gives you total Jamiroquai coverage including free music, videos, photos, music news and exclusive Rolling Stone articles. ... Jamiroquai ... - 53k - Cached

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    give information jay kay jamiroquai

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    He's an alcoholic and likes to beat up the press.

    Biography here:

    Or here:

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    Jason Cheetham[dubious – discuss] known by his stage name Jason "Jay" Kay (born 30 December 1969 in Stretford, Trafford) is an English musician. He is the principal member, songwriter, and lead singer of the band Jamiroquai. He is the son of jazz singer, cabaret singer, 70s and 80s comedienne and impressionist Karen Kay and Luís Silveira, a man of Portuguese origin.

    Kay was born into a non-religious family and was brought up by his Jewish mother Karen Kay, a cabaret singer, comedienne and impressionist who performed around the world, and stepfather James Royal. He did not meet his biological father, a man of Portuguese origin called Luís Silveira, until 2001. He was educated firstly at the independent Holmwood House School in Colchester, and then at the independent Oakham School in Rutland where he was caught smoking marijuana and expelled.

    He spent six months in Thailand at the age of thirteen with his stepfather. Upon returning home, he decided to change his life and began recording demos using his drum machine and some free studio time, and writing lyrics (he was taught how to play a real drum set by Jan van Mesdag). During this time he coined the name Jamiroquai for his potential new band, based upon the name of a Native American tribe, the Iroquois, and "jam" from the word jamming, and also the distinctive Buffalo Man logo. His demos were soon spotted by the UK music label Acid Jazz with whom Kay signed a recording contract.

    Kay formed Jamiroquai with members Toby Smith (Keyboards), Stuart Zender (bass), Nick Van Gelder (drums) and Wallis Buchanan (Didgeridoo), together with guest appearances by Gavin Dodds (guitar), Maurizio Ravelico (percussion) and Johnny Thirkell (horns) amongst others, both on the band's debut album and on their first tour.

    Jamiroquai has sold over twenty million albums, and has spent a collective 162 weeks on the UK singles chart in the 14 years since 1992 with Kay's personal wealth said to be around £40,000,000.[citation needed] He appeared on the Sunday Times Rich List 2004 at (joint) 950th. The Sunday Times Rich List 2008 has him tied for #1,794, with 40 million pounds.

    After the huge success of Jamiroquai's first single, "When You Gonna Learn," a $1.9 million, eight album deal was signed with Sony records. The band's first album Emergency on Planet Earth became a fast seller, and the unique nature of Jamiroquai soon became apparent. However, not everyone was attracted by the different style of music Jamiroquai presented.

    The band's third album Travelling Without Moving generated international attention with the ground breaking video of "Virtual Insanity" which earned Jamiroquai four MTV awards. Since then, their fourth album Synkronized has done just as well, which was recorded in Kay's home studio located in the garden of his 500-year-old, 11-bedroom Buckinghamshire mansion. Although the press usually focus on Kay's passion for cars, his mansion and his love life, Jason Kay is environmentally aware and has donated a large quantity of his money to Greenpeace and Friends Of The Earth, as well as charities for the homeless. The main reason that his message is conveyed strongly through his music is because of his self-made nature, in the fact that all aspects of the band's work has to be approved by him, including artwork and credits.

    On the production of his fourth album, Stuart Zender left the band. The reasons have said to been the birth of Stu's daughter and that he and Kay didn't get along anymore. Some fans have speculated that Zender's employment was terminated by the band's record label. Consequently, Kay scrapped almost a complete album-worth of work to eliminate from the album of all traces of Stuart Zender's playing.

    Kay has previously stated that he would like his band to continue writing music for another 15-20 years. However it was reported in February 2007 that Kay has quit music due to a loss of inspiration[1]. This was denied on Jamiroquai's official website the day after.

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    His ego is about 10 times taller than he is, his ego is 10 feet tall.

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    You'll find most of the stuff you need here:

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