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new asthma inhaler ProAir HFA...?

i've always used Warrick.

yesterday when i got my new inhaler they gave me this tiny ProAir inhaler. usually my meds cost $10 and this one was $35. i asked them why it was $35 and they told me that there's some new thing that started on Jan 1st something about helping the environment.

and after that i found out the California recycling fee (when you buy a computer) went from $8 to $16!

so what's going on? is there something that passed that i should know about? cause i'm scared to even use my inhaler cause i don't have another $35 to spend!


it's red. i find it amazing that this tiny little asthma pump holds 200 puffs and my big one held 200 as well.

i signed up for the discount. thanks.

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    you are correct. a change make for "environmental" reasons.

    sounds stupid to me. compare a cars exhaust to a small inhaler.

    check the web site. they have a $20 coupon.

    "For environmental reasons, the FDA and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)(5) have mandated the transition from chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-based albuterol inhalers to HFA albuterol inhalers by the end of this year.[2008] "

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    Oh no, this is bad news. For several years, they have been trying to stop using the propellant that is used in inhalers but manufacturer's keep getting extensions. They threatened again to do away with the old ones again. What I did while still on insurance, was have my prescription rewritten to the old version, call all the pharmacies and go buy as many as I could of the old type. Then the old ones became easy to find again, so now i have no insurance and use over the counter. Walmart just dropped the price to 12.75 and they have a 2.00 coupon inside so now I pay only 10.75 or so. The stock of the over the counter ones has been dwindling, with reading this I am going to go find a few more. The reason I mentioned having your prescription rewritten was to ensure you have alot on it to buy as many as you choose to if you choose to stock up, and, once they start filling it with the option they have to have the Dr rewrite to the old style. The problem with the new inhalant gas, is that it to the user it harder to detect that the inhaler did indeed deliver the medication, which is dangerous, because any extra spray to get the same usual feeling in the mouth that signals a successful dosage, can lead to over use, which is dangerous and empties out the canister faster. Im so glad I saw your post, I totally forgot they were again saying they would end the normal propellant use this year. Darn!

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    Your question really has been answered and I am more responding to some the post. The HFA vs CFC statement that HFA's could lead to overuse. First you should not job ability of inhaler based on feeling in your mouth. If you are feeling the medication in your mouth you are doing it incorrectly. You should use proper technique and prescribed amount, not based on feel. HFA's can actually get more Medication in your lungs, but you might not "feel" the sensation of deep deposition like the CFC's, but the medication is more. you might want to check the below links. I will tell you as more HFA's come on the market the price will drop as the CFC's did.

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    Is it a red or blue color? I live in WA state and about 2 yrs ago I went from Wellbutrin to the Pro Air and it was a blue colored with a weird measure. Then the next time I went to pick up my script it was a red without the weird measurer. The prices never changed for me. Ask your Dr or PPharmacistwhat you can do too get the price back down. They should give you some ideas or Dr. may rewrite your script so its cheaper. DDon'tstop using it tho, you really need it. Good Luck

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