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is taylor lautner goin 2 b in da new moon movie? wat is da new twilight book about? is it a guide 2 twilight?

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  • CB.
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    1 decade ago
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    Is Taylor Lautner going to be in New moon movie?

    YES he will, it has been confirmed on many websites that are reliable including stephenie meyer's website

    What is the new twilight book about?

    are you asking what twilight is about? twilight is about a girl named bella who moves to the town of forks, washington to live with her dad charlie. she falls in love with a boy named edward cullen and finds out that he is a vampire. he wants her to stay away from him because he's dangerous and he doesnt want to hurt her but they can't stay away from eachother and since he is a vampire he causes many dangers for her since she is human ( the cullens only drink animal blood unlike other vampires of their kind)

    new moon is about edward leaving because he thinks it would be better for her if she just forgot about him and she wouldn't be in dagner. he leaves and then her life is miserable,-- she doesn't forget him but she becomes close friends with jacob black.

    Is it a guide to twilight?

    ^ what?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well he is going to be in New Moon because he has even gained some weight to appear more buff, bigger becaus esince he transform in to a wear wolfe. Basically in New Moon edward leaves Bella because he thinks he endangers her.Then Jacob comes in and takes out of the depression she is in. There is a misunderstanding and Edwards thinks that Bella committed suicide so he tries to do the same, but Bella and Alice save him. He comes back to Forks long with the family and they start their relationship again.Though it gets better in the next 2 books.

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  • 1 decade ago


    he is

    I found out this week that is is DEFINITELY in New Moon

    It's about when Bella gets a cut when its her birthday and Jasper almost killed her

    Edward realized that it's not safe for Bella to be around the Cullen family

    so they leave and Bella starts to hang out with Jacob a lot and she finds out that Jacob turns into a werewolf.

    Then when Bella does a lot of dangerous things,

    one of her stunts, she jumped off a cliff and Alice accidentally told Edward that Bella's dead so he goes to the Vultri to kill himself but Bella has to stop him before it's too late

    It's a very good book

    I would read New Moon before the movie comes out

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes taylor will be in new moon its been confirmed the new book is the twilight fan guide book its supposed to have everything you want to know about the characters places and more

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  • 1 decade ago

    of course he is... y wouldn't he be

    twilight is baout a human girl (Bella) who falls in love with a vampire (Edward)... but then 3 bad vampires come (Victoria, James, Laruant) and they want to kill Bella. Not really laurant but the other two. But Edward save Bella from James and then after the hospital with bella, they go to prom.

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