Condom sizing question?

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At what point should a guy wear 'magnum' condoms? I realize that a lot of it is 'feel' and if a regular condom is too tight you should move up a size, but I was more
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  • ed answered 5 years ago
When the regular are too tight. However if the Magnums are too loose, go back to the regular.

I have a 5" girth, 1.8" wide. I tried the Magnum but felt a bit too loose.

My length though isn't much, just under 5 inches. But the condom sizes are really meant for girth size not length.

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  • Retro P answered 5 years ago
    I used to do the same thing. I would tell my girl... oh! the regulars are too small and buy magnum twisters. Anybody can fit in a magnum, anybody can fit in a regular. I realized after time, you want the tightest fit possible... it feels better. If you dont like it tight ur either trying to impress somebody, or you dont like sex. think about it pleasure comes from friction, friction comes from a tight fit... that can be in the form of condoms or vaginas.

    have you never filled a regular condom up with water? have you seen how big it gets? I could wear one as a pant leg.

    magnums are a marketing scheme to help guys impress their girl friends.
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  • Sheraton, not Hyancith's Son answered 5 years ago
    magnum condoms are designed for men with 8 inches or more. also the Lifestyle Black Tuxedo and accomodate the 'well-hung' man.
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  • Colors answered 5 years ago
    It depends mostly on the girth:5"and more is a good reason to get trojans.


    Biology degree
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  • Big P answered 5 years ago
    One size fits all. They stretch.
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  • anntknee answered 5 years ago
    Condoms are like olives: magnums are regular, regular are small and bikini are, well, smaller. Try them and stick to the one that feels best
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