is there any way to sharpen ice skates at HOME without using an actual ice skate sharpening machine?

is there any way to sharpen ice skates at home without using an actuak ice skate sharpering machine??

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    You can get an at-home blade sharpener called the "Sweet Stick."

    This is not the only website that you are able to order off of.

    They're small, so you can take them anywhere!

    They work on both hockey and figure skates.

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    How To Sharpen Ice Skates

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    No! Your skate blades are nothing like knives- they are actually two blades- an inside edge and an outside edge- and when you sharpen them you are actually creating an arc between the two edges. If you can get a sharpening stone and run it along the flat side of the blade; both sides (perpendicular to the bottom edge) it will put a little bit of an edge back on until you can have them sharpened.

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    Yes. You can buy your own sharpening device online. But be careful because you may potentially damage your skate blade and those cost a lot depending on your level. One of my previous coaches used a nail filer, but this method can consume much of your time. Just make it easy for yourself and have them sharpened at your rink or have your coach or one of the coaches at your rink do it. This is often reliable because I know that skate sharpening is not easy and an expert like a coach will usually do a good job.

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