I have to write a speech for a project in school and it's like I'm running for Prime Minister ?

What kinds of things should I include Also I don't know how to start the speech .. once I have a few sentence or two i'm all ok but I need suggestions Thanks,


it must be around 5 minutes long and I am suppoesed to only talk about one topic and my topic is about the recession here in Canada and how i would deal with it. How do you deal with a recession?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Start off introducing yourself, then go on to explain your policies. If you're running for prime minister, you want policies that are going to appeal to the people of the country, so have stuff about the environment (recycling and stuff) and low taxes etc. All stuff that's gonna make people happy, and vote for you!

    Then go on to explain how you're going to solve existing problems, eg. the recession. Explain why you'd be the best to handle different situations and why you're best prime minister for the country, like what you'd do better than others.

    End by thanking the people for listening.

    Sounds like an interesting project, lol. Good luck with it!

  • 1 decade ago

    My fellow Canadians: I promise to get rid of the GST and give everybody free high-speed Internet access and put all the criminals in prison, and give everybody jobs doing what they love doing most, and we'll have a society where all the children obey their parents and teachers and everybody is happy all the time.

    Or you could vote for the other guys.

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