Were feminists responsible for promoting false rape charges against the Duke Students and more..?

"The evening was a near-perfect distillation of contemporary feminism. Pick up a women's studies textbook, visit a college women's center, or look at the websites of leading feminist organizations, and you will likely find the same fixation on intimate anatomy combined with left-wing politics and a poisonous antipathy to men. (Campus feminists were among the most vocal and zealous accusers of the young men on the Duke University lacrosse team who were falsely indicted for rape in 2006.) Contemporary feminism routinely depicts American society as a dangerous patriarchy in which women are under siege--that is the message of the "RAPE FREE ZONE" banner in the Garden. It therefore presents itself as a movement of "liberation," defying the patriarchal oppressor and offering women everywhere the opportunity to make contact with their "real selves."

But modern "women's liberation" has little to do with liberty. It aims not to free women to pursue their own interests and inclinations, but rather to reeducate them to attitudes often profoundly contrary to their natures. In Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women's Studies (2003), two once-committed women's studies professors, Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, describe how the feminist classroom transforms idealistic female students into "relentless grievance collectors."

In 1991, the culture critic and dissident feminist Camille Paglia put the matter even more bluntly. She described women's studies as

a jumble of vulgarians, bunglers, whiners, French faddicts, apparatchiks, dough-faced party-liners, pie-in-the-sky utopians and bullying sanctimonious sermonizers. Reasonable, moderate feminists hang back and keep silent in the face of fascism.

The embarrassing spectacle at Madison Square Garden, the erratic state of women's studies, and the outbreak of feminist vigilantism at Duke University may tempt some to conclude that the women's movement in the United States is in a state of hopeless, hapless, and permanent disarray. Perhaps American feminism has become hysterical because it has ceased to be useful"


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    Some of the Feminist posters on this question are liars, Frauds, or just plain stupid. The Attorney General of NC flatly stated and deliberately that the Accused were "Innocent" and not guilty of any crime at all. The Liestoppers Blog has photos of rallies calling for the Castration of the Duke LaCrosse Players. Yes their castration before a trial.

    Prosecutorial misconduct was the reason Nifong was disbarred. He committed perjury, and a Nurse at the Duke University Medical Center committed perjury under oath. And has never been charged with a crime.

    The Group of 88 Professors slandered and libeled the accused players. Whose DNA proved they had no criminal actions. Even after the CNN Host Nancy Grace, who was punked on The Comedy Channel for her outrageous statements was shown to be a fraud. Another Feminist TV Skank lying about the accused players.

    Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.net said they enjoyed raping a Black Woman. Calling it sport. Your posted statements discredit you. This is the face of modern Feminism based upon hysteria and false accusations, completely devoid of reason, truth, empirical evidence or the facts.

    Durham in Wonderland gives complete details on the case and the ongoing litigation against the City, College, Durham PD etc.

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    Well, feminism is in directly responsible in allowing a corrupt DA attempt to prosecute innocent people by lieing about the false rape allegation problem and promoting training the police in such a way as to make them anti male, but that aside the only thing feminist's can be pointed to is how they acted.

    Hate rally-Check


    Harassment of the accused- Check,

    Death threats against the accused- Check

    Failing the accused students(lowering grades)- Check

    Apologize for there bad behavior when it became obvious they where innocent- (Still waiting on this one).

    So far Duke as a University never apologized and none of the feminist hate professors apologized either yet. No feminist students apologized yet..

    Because they hate men and the whole thing gave them an excuse to form a "lynch mob".

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    I live and work in the area where it happened-the MALE prosecutor has been DISBARRED because of his unethical POLITICALLY motivated actions when dealing with the Duke LaCrosse players, the accuser, the police, the media and the public. The prosecutor didn't care what the police said (there was no case because of the state of the accuser), he didn't care what the accuser said (she was incoherent and changed her story many times), he did not talk to the accuser himself yet had a press conference about the case, he was not suppose to discuss the case with the media and public and he did, and he assumed the guilt of the Dukies without talking to any of them either.

    The community this occurred in is primarily black, is a very politically and socially active community: the accuser is black, the Dukies were almost all wealthy white men, and it was a perfect set-up for the prosecutor to take advantage of the gender, race, and class of the accuser and those accused. Unfortunately, there was no case, but the prosecutor caused a great deal of damage to the Duke students involved, the Duke faculty and staff involved, women victims, rape victims of either gender, black/white relations, and class tensions.

    I'm a feminist active in the area, and didn't see local feminists doing anything more or less than any other social, political, or government agency. But way to go blaming feminism for the actions of an unethical male lawyer. If I thought like you, then I'd blame MRA's for the actions of the male prosecutor, since he's-male??? Don't let facts get in the way of your prejudices, though.

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    If I based the label solely on what I read here on GWS, I'd never consider myself a feminist.

    It's possible that I'm not, or that it just so happens much of what's posted here is kinda wagging the dog.

    It gets a bit dicey to tell, really.

    I know I'd heard of this Duke thing, but this was a good 5 years ago, wasn't it? I don't at all remember most of the details.

    In any case, just like everything else in print or spoken on news stations/airwaves...hard to believe whatever's presented is the entire story. News media has definitely lost its credibility to a lot of people, including me =o(

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    Because the defense attorneys were all feminists.


    Also, the defense attorneys were stupid. Their case was weak. To this day, what really happened is in question. The lack of conviction only legally proves that the case was not strong enough to link the prima facie case to legal culpability.

    To imply that a "not guilty" verdict means that the accuser is lying is to display a total and complete ignorance of the law. You should correct that post haste.

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    Here's Nancy Grace, showing her bias:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): CNN
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    Well I know they were partially responsible. They condemned those boys before the evidence was even completely gathered.

    As we all know universities are feminist breeding grounds. The rallies that were held against these boy before they were found guilty only spurred Nifong on.

    Mike Nifong is the main villain here he did not have to bend under pressure and could have just done his job.

    But in the rush to convict 3 white boys it goes to show the bias against white men. Had feminism not vilified men as rapists do you really think there would have been a rush to convict 3 innocent boys.

    Why would it be so important to convict these 3 if not for feminists and black leaders calling for the blood of 3 white boys.

    This clearly shows not only sexism but racism exists for white men.

    The university offered to pay for Ms.Mangums college did they offer to defend their own students? No they didn't. Did the feminists at the university wait to see the evidence before making judgments? No in fact 12 professors co wrote and signed a letter against them all before they had been found guilty or innocent.

    Why would they do that if not for a bias against white men.

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    So, it was all right for these young men to engage in underage drinking and hiring strippers? If they had been able to have a party without alcohol and strippers, then none of this would have happened

    No, it was not feminism. It was an overzealous prosecutor (a male) who blew this case out of proportion. He was hoping to use it to further his own career and political aspirations. Let's put the blame where it really belongs.

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    yes & they are liars to serve themselves then using propaganda fool the week minded into their ranks

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    You can also blame feminists for lost socks in the dryer and global warning. This woman obviously acted on her own. What I don't understand is what those guys found sexy about a woman who had clearly been beat up before she got there. What was wrong with them in the first place.

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