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Troj_Generic.DIT Virus? False Positive?

I've been using Trend Micro Internet Security Pro since July 08 and haven't had any problems. Also I've been using QFX Software's product 'KeyScrambler' since July 08. Well just today I ran a virus scan and it shows me that I have a threat/virus. The item being TROJ_Generic.DIT and says the infected file is liscense.htm and the file location is C:/ProgramFiles/KeyScrambler. I haven't downloaded anything recently but this is the first time this has come up. I tried to do a little research about TROJ_Generic.DIT and the only thing I could come up with was spiceworks (A Network Monitoring Software company) seemed to be having this show up in virus scans and reported it as a false positive. Does anyone have any experience or insight to this. Possibly just a conflict issue with TrendMicro and KeyScrambler? Or is this a real threat, I can't seem to find any information on TROJ_Generic.DIT in any virus libraries or anywhere for that matter.

Thanks in advance!



Also I am using Vista if that helps any.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some anti-malware software may consider any third-party software which deals with keystrokes as potentially dangerous, so in this sense it may be a false positive. On the other hand, one of KeyScrambler's files may have become infected. Try uploading the file suspected of containing the trojan to This site will scan the file with numerous reputable anti-malware programs. If it comes back as only being detected by a small percentage of the programs, you can safely assume it is a false positive, if not, it may well be infected with a trojan.

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    5 years ago

    Good grief! The same thing happened to me last night (7/8/09) at approx. 7 ET. When my wife and I returned home we found our CA Security program (free through our cable company) had run a scan on our laptop which is connectedly wirelessly to the web through a secure router connected to a desktop PC. I came home to small CA window saying some files had been quarantined and some (maybe 6 files including reg.exe - that's one I actually wrote down) were infected. While I'm not an expert computer user, I'm not a complete novice.. But this one really had me vexed. As far I could tell there was nothing to do except close the window and run another scan. In the meantime, I received a "Windows File Protection" popup telling me some original files might be corrupt, etc. The popup told me to insert Windows Pro Service Pack 3 Installation CD-Rom. My system is a Dell, so I don't even have that disc. Besides, I'm running Media Center Home Edition, not Windows Professional. I clicked CANCEL, but it popped back up. I clicked CANCEL again, and the turned my laptop off (after checking that the second scan showed no infected files and after successfully running Spybot Search & Destry). I then checked my desktop PC for trouble and found no similar problems (even after running a virus-scan). As for the laptop I haven't been able to power it back up b/c I'm now at work. I can only wonder what awaits me when I get home. Why the heck is an anti-virus program giving everyone so much grief and does any have more advice?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I too have encountered this problem last night (Sunday 1-11-2008) and today. Never showed up before. Had just finished running a scan on Saturday which came up clean. I believe this is an outbreak spread possibly from Trend Micro, as not only have all commenting indicated Trend Micro to be a common factor, but another friend using Trend Micro called me today asking what to do as this showed up on his computer.

    It seems to regenerate itself. I have about 23 files quarantined with this trojan indicated. All should contact Trend and request they act to remove this. I have been using Trend for two years. Am disappointed in Trend's inability to remove trojans (still have Crypt_Mangled reappearing). Live support is the only way I have received worthwhile help from Trend - email support is useless and just wastes your time.

    Will post more when I know more.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've been using Trend Micro for about 18 months, and have never had a threat or virus until yesterday. On a routine scan, it came up with about 8 files infected with TROJ_GENERIC.DIT and all the infected files were in the "Drivers" folder of my Dell AIO 942 printer. Not being able to find any information on this Trojan even on the Trend Micro site, I uninstalled the printer, and reinstalled from the disk that came with my computer. Trend Micro came up during installation and said there were TROJANs in some of the files on the disk. That's when I knew something was going on with Trend Micro. The disk has never been used except in the factory at Dell before sending the computer to me. I think personally this is a quirk with Trend Micro, but I haven't called them to ask.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I too have had this TROJ_Generic.DIT virus picked up by Trend Micro around 30 times over the last two days. It was attached to some Media Center file? And it also said it was in some compressed file? I am interested to hear more about this and what is being done by Trend Micro to fix it? I have not had any other problems in the past with Trend Micro. I hope it gets fixed quickly.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hello. A while back I downloaded some wrong programs that I shouldn't have opened and TROJ_Generic.DIT has been in my System Volume Information and all over the place. I did a scan last night it came out with 88 viruses all being TROJ_Generic.DIT. This time though they were in weird places like my Dell Printer Drivers and this random Viewpoint Media Player. I think I might have to reformat my hard drive because this keeps spreading. I have Trend Micro too. Good Luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    TROJ_Generic.DIT virus.

    I don't think your keyscrambler or the fact you are running VIsta has anything to do with this virus. I am running XP and have this virus on my computer 40 times. 39 came up in Verizon program files and one with ATI Tech. This is clearly a problem that Trend Micro needs to fix.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I too have been infected with the viruses. I just ran the scan on Trend Micro and it came up with 9 instances of the TROJ_Generic.DIT, all affecting html files. I am not sure if these are real threats or not. My computer does not seem to be acting any differently. I'll try calling TM to see what they say.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have had the same problem. I also use Trend Micro and this virus came up yesterday. It's in three files in my printer (lexmark) files. I cant seem to fix the problem and the updates from windows is not working either....anyone with answers?

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