If I was born in Cushman, AR, where would I go to get a copy of my birth certificate?

My friend needs her birth certificate. She now lives in Conway, AR. Where does she need to go to get a copy? Is it the county clerks office? I have no idea. Please be specific, guys.


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    Birth Certificates are issued by the state. Here's where you get one in Arkansas:

    Arkansas Department of Health

    4815 West Markham Street

    Slot 44

    Little Rock, Arkansas 72205-3867

    You may expedite your request with a credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express) by calling toll free 866 209-9482 or on the Internet at www.vitalchek.com..

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    She can request it through the mail from the State or go in person and get it at the County Clerk's office in Batesville. The County Clerk's office will only ask for ID (school ID is fine) and they'll give it to her on the spot. They're also usually cheaper, especially if she gets two or three at the same time.

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    Either the county registrar of vital statistics would be able to supply a certified copy, or you may have to request this from a state office, probably in the capital city. i had to get a copy of mine once, and I was born in Vermont, so all I did was to do an online search for 'birth certificate vermont' and got all the info I needed.

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    This is the State of Arkansas web site. It has a form you can download to request a birth certificate.


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  • Fran W
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    The post office used to carry forms to order your birth certificate.

    I believe you can even order over the internet through your states site.

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