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How goes the blame game?

- of Israel vs Palestine

- of India vs Pakistan

- of UN vs Afghanistan

- of Xian vs Atheist

- of Doctor vs Doctor

- of Scientist vs Scientist

- of Gov't vs Gov't

- of Nation vs Nation

- of Them vs Them

- of Law vs Law

- of Under-taker vs Under-taker

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The blame lies with the self appointed arbiters of global justice and peace. The evil empire and its cohorts the UK and the UN are appointed by the people and paid handsomely for bringing stability and diplomacy to the nations. They have failed miserably in this task, with gross incompetence and negligence in their duty to safeguard civilians in war torn nations or exact due peace process.

    This negligence in duty and abuse of power has not only allowed by its silent approbation, but actively instigated and encouraged national conflicts by many devious and perverse methods. Who will accuse these so called ‘superpowers’ sitting in judgment and power.

    Corrupt politicos and unprincipled officials both in governments of those nations, internally and without are guilty and cover one another’s backs admirable. Who is the voice of the moral majority, tax payers and upholder of the constitutional rights of all? The media is as equally morally bankrupt as the aforementioned powers.

    If we expend time in much talk and seek to cast blame upon a nonexistent and disempowered God, why do we not look for those who have placed themselves as Gods of the world, givers and dispensers of life, love, peace and prosperity. Who will cast the first stone? Who listens? Who is the ‘’God’’ of the people, to whom shall the collective and global golden ones lodge, address their complaint...?

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