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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

I just saw the movie The Unborn and I'm a bit confused about the identity of this spirit...?

In the movie, Odette Yustman is seeing images of her unborn twin which is haunting her. Then she finds out that the lady that she visited in the hospital is her grandmother and her grandmother states that it began back in Auschwitz with HER twin brother coming back to life via a dybbuk. She also said that she killed her brother to get rid of it and that caused the dybbuk's curse to fall on her family.

Another thing, it was stated that the dybbuk tried to get Casey's (Odette) brother and couldn't have him so it began to focus on Casey.

So basically what I'm wondering is---who is Casey being haunted by? The dybbuk or her brother? Or did her brother become a dybbuk or something? Because they say that the dybbuk tried to get her brother, making it sound like they were two different beings, but she continues to be haunted by her dead brother. I'm just confused. Maybe someone understood it better than I did.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ok here is the thing.. the "dybbuk" or whatever was a lost spirit that was stuck wandering around because it wasn't accepted into heaven. so it wants to find a way back into the world. when Casey's grandmother's brother died that spirit went into her grandma's brother. her grandma killed her brother to get rid of the spirit but it didn't go away. it stayed with that family because she was the one trying to destroy it. when casey's mom was preg with twins her baby bro died in the womb because the spirit wanted to come back as her bro but couldn't so now he is chasing casey. so casey is being haunted/chased by the "dybbuk".. it's just a random spirit that was trying to use her fam's body as a way to come back into the world... the little boy she kept seeing was her uncle because the spirit still was using that body until he could get to casey. hope i didnt make that too confusing... so at the end casey ends up being preg with twins so more than likely it's gonna be an uborn 2 and the spirit tries to get into one of her babies or som

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