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aqua asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Government gets ahead from inflation ?

well nobody denial that we had strong inflation

from 2000 to using January 2000 to November 2008 cant use December ,so its more that 25.84% from the year 2000. inflation.

advantage for government ,been reading about it,its a hidden way for footing you for the bill..,(by printing aka bonds)our two biggest problems get attentions ,social security gets more manageable (each beneficial get less)

national dept,interest, on our borrowing get less.might be more advantages,

what do you thinks,,,,

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    i think it's not, government is trying to lessen the inflation rate of the primary needs of the people so that in order for them to establish a good economic status to our foreign investor. they can not make money easily because if they do it the people will have more money to spend and if the demand will become high, there would be an inflation of the product. i hope u will treat my answer as just opinion.

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    Wait until you need a wagon to carry your money to buy a can of Coke.

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