How to resolve radio interference with neighbors modified CB radio knocking out ALL Wireless Access?

My neighbor recently decided that we lived up in BFE and installed a VERY powerful CB radio in his backyard complete with a 40' tall antenna. Needless to say this has caused several issues throughout the household from knocking out Wi-FI access, causing interference on wireless and cell phones, and completely disabling any wireless keyboards or mice throughout the entire house.

I have spoken with him at least 3 times on this issue and offered to do what I could to resolve the issue from moving the antenna (which is at most 10 meters from my PC, to anything else I could do. I even offered to give him a laptop (Old yes,, but it works) and to give him free access to my wireless network to open him up to the "wonderful world of the internet". Note that I do live in TN, and while yes,, some here are beer gutted inbred people that would do the world a favor to get a Darwinian award, I cannot wait nor count on that fact. (This guy has a damned tractor in his yard that he bought,,, this is a residential subdivision, where the $@^ are you going to use a damned tractor huh?? It's redneck central in his yard,, the guy even has a wind chime made out of an old hubcap, enough said.

So to the point... His transmitter exceeds the guidelines for the power requirements for using a radio device subdivisionntial subdivision. I have already reported him to the FCC 3 times to no avail, and have already called the local police who tell me that there is nothing that they can do for me.

If I was to go and cut the line to his antenna, A: he'd know it was me, and B: he would just fix it in 24hours and we would be back to square one.

Note that he HAS stopped using it as much as he used to, but it always seems that he has to talk to some trucker on the interstate that that moment when I REALLY need to use my PC.

I have a $150 Wireless mouse/keyboard combo,, moving to a wired setup is out of the question for those of you who had that in mind.

SO, my question is. Should I A: continue with the FCC and hope they can do anything for me by shutting him down ( He is using an illegal transmitter that is 100 times the power output allowed to be used in a residential subdivision.

or B: This is what I had in mind. Build a CB radio jamming device. (Yes I have the technical knowledge to do such a thing) Note that this device would allow him to receive incoming messages, but when he hit transmit he would only receive a squeal of the most annoying sort,, just about what I feel like when my mouse stops working in the middle of a WOW raid or a major company report. (I am aware that I would have to avoid jamming any government or emergency channels like channel 9 etc.)

If anyone has had anything of this sort happen I would be happy to hear ALL advice in this matter as to what YOU would do in this situation. While I currently live in TN, I however am not a inbred redneck. If this guy wanted to talk to truckers etc it wouldn'tinterferingas he could do that from a normal CB radio without modifications, however he wants to talk to people in Wyoming apparently, and after 3 talks to him about how badly it was interfering with our devices in the house, he has so far only turned down the transmit power enough so that our cell phones and cordless phones now work (YES it would knock out ALL WIRELESS,, phones,, everything). ATM it just knocks out my wireless keyboards and mice,,and we can hear him talking through my brothers PC's speakers.

I thought about maybe recording his conversations over my brothers speakers to see if that would change his mind but I seriously doubt it.

This is a beer gut guy living on disability that has built a "Man Cave" shack in his back yard,, has no job,, and gets up about 7am to start his daily CB antics.

Sorry for the long rant but I'm at my last nerve with this neighbor. They claim that they are moving to a property they bought some time back, but ti's been 9 months and they are still here,, killing my wireless (and my 6 PC network) internet and killing my PC usage, not to mention putting lots of nice static into ANY wireless device be it a cordless phone, Cell phone or anything else that in anyway uses radio waves to do it's job.

Thanks to anyone that has any idea's as to how to resolve this issue. I don't want to create a neighbor that hates me, but at this point, I really am ready to do just that. Thank you for reading this extremely long rant and hope that someone has an idea that will help me with this issue. Thank You All!


A: He is living on disability and "bought" the equipment from some other hillbilly etc etc + he has a nice pension,, he has money regardless that he doesn't work.

To the other. "Is it legal", obviously not, being that the FCC agreed that any CB radio causing that amount of interference would be considered illegal per FCC guidelines for such a device ONLY operating in this area (They aren't illegal if they are operated more than 100 meters from a residential area). I think I will go with answer three and spend some time with a soldering iron. Note.. Jammers are almost impossible to find unless someone has the equipment (expensive I might add) to track down where it's coming from. It will only interfere when he hits transmit,, IE he'll probably think his equipment is broken, but I'd rather take a different route if possible. I'll go from there, and we'll see what happens :) Any more comment or suggestions from people knowledgeable in this area are welcome!

Update 2:

Yes I have confirmed that it is his equipment causing the issue. For one it's not intermittent like you would expect from a comcast leak scanner etc. To verify I actually asked him to disable all equipment,, check all internal devices inside the house,, then had him fire up all equipment he would usually use for whatever it is that he does (I won't go on the rant of hello, there is this thing called the internet you can you that doesn't require 1000 Watts of radio power to talk to people :)). The issues immediately resumed, from the wireless keyboards and mice to the cellphones and cordless phones becoming static filled etc. I've done all manner of troubleshooting to determine that it is in fact him. (BTW if you read above you can HEAR him talking through the CB over my brothers rather cheap PC speakers when he transmits which just happens to be when everything in the house goes out. Note that it Used to knock out the TV's (ON CABLE NOT Antenna's) before he lowered the power.

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    Continue to report to the FCC. Include recordings, pictures, etc. also, forward a copy to your city council, as well as your state senators, and represenatives at the federal level.

    The more people you contact and the more "noise" you make, the better.

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    Cb Radio Interference

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    How to resolve radio interference with neighbors modified CB radio knocking out ALL Wireless Access?

    My neighbor recently decided that we lived up in BFE and installed a VERY powerful CB radio in his backyard complete with a 40' tall antenna. Needless to say this has caused several issues throughout the household from knocking out Wi-FI access, causing interference on wireless and cell...

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    That's not a CB (citizens band) radio, but rather a HAM radio antenna. And technically, they are required by law to have the proper filters in place so that they don't interfere with their neighbors' radio or TV reception. And if it's affecting your reception it's probably also messing with a lot of your neighbor's too. But I don't know who you complain to. I guess start with the police department and local government agencies. Check out the FCC web site - they might have information on that. Years ago I lived next to a guy who had a GI-NORMOUS radio antenna in his back yard - directly ourside of our otherwise great kitchen view. He didn't even have a radio anymore, but was keeping the eyesore of an antenna just in case he wanted to get back into it some day. Arg! Good luck.

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    Can you determine that the interference is caused during periods that he's actually using the radio? I mean... opposed to the antennae being dead.

    I only ask because I had a similar setup at my home. It essentially functioned as a relay for my land line. With a dedicated "portable phone" base unit and handset I could place and receive calls on my land line 7 to 10 miles from my home.

    It never caused any troubles with my other wireless connections until I stopped using it. When the antenna was a dead stick my immediate area became a void of wireless activity.

    It's possible that it could actually be him killing power to the radio that's causing your problems.

    A friend of mine works for comcast. Mainly his job consists of driving a grid in a van with an antenna array that sniffs for leaks. He says this is a common problem.

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    I am having the same problem with my neighbor and if you have the tech to build a jamming device I would love a copy of the plans to do it so I can build one. The FCC and the Police will do nothing to stop this problem. I have talked my self until I'm blue in the face for the last 4 years so a jamming device is my only option. I lost my phone tech support job that I did from my home because the man would blast through and my customers would think I was me swearing at them when it was my neighbor on his CB talking to people back East. This has to stop.

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    I have to say that would p*ss me right off, I hate disrespectful neighbors with a passion. I say if the FCC won't do anything, build the site jamming device you mentioned as the second option. Maybe that will be a nice push to move to that new property. Be careful, obviously, DO NOT GET CAUGHT. The FCC sounds pretty toothless for right now, but you'd hate to bear the irony of them fining you after so long of ignoring the complaints about the neighbor.

    I must admit, this has inspired me to boost the power of my iPod RF transmitters power, if they can't do much about a guy ruining wireless signals in a subdivision, they can't do much about me doing a much smaller scale operation.

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    First off you need to prove he is running more than legal limit..I have seen legal limit radios cause as much interference as bad as the illegal ones.. If I was you I would do the same back to him.. All you need to jam him is a legal limit radio and a mobile antenna and do the dead key method .. But he will know it is close to him..And TBH you can fix the RF problems on your end just as well as he can..RF chokes work good on that issue..

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    From my understanding, he can enjoy his property so long as it doesn't infringe on you enjoying yours.

    Perhaps a lawyer could help you?

    I would imagine that if you are being affected, then others are as well.

    *thinks over*

    For him to own and operate such powerful equipment would cost a bit of money. Are you sure he has no job?

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    yahoo answers is the worst place to look for answers, just a bunch of yuppies. change the channel on your router! people are too quick to cry and point the finger, their is a reason their is more than one RF channel for electronic devices.

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