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What bugs me most about the fad for green architecture is the notion that virtue makes for better design. OK, I suppose an ugly green building is better than an ugly nongreen building—but it's still ugly. So when I come upon a beautiful sustainable building that doesn't scream green, it cheers me up. The California Academy of Sciences, opening later this month in San Francisco, is a perfect example. It replaces the old science museum that was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Its design is sensitive to its place and history: the new building doesn't gobble up more space on its spectacular site in Golden Gate Park, and its architect, Renzo Piano, was careful to go no higher—36 feet—than the original structure. The most obvious ecofeature of his elegantly simple glass-sided pavilion is the green roof: a rolling 2.5-acre terrain, inspired in part by the surrounding hills, it cleverly disguises, under its two biggest bumps, the domes of the planetarium and of the rainforest exhibit underneath. The roof is planted with 40 native species (unlike Golden Gate Park itself, which was created out of a sand pit and includes such glamorous nonnatives as palm trees). The plants are kind of low and scrubby—though they bloom at various times—but they were chosen less for prettiness than hardiness, and the fact that they won't need irrigation.

There are lots of examples of innovative green technology in the building, but perhaps the most surprising is in the museum's offices where, says the executive director, Gregory Farrington, you can see hardware that's rare in today's buildings: handles to open the windows. That's because, amazingly, there's no artificial cool air. The only air conditioning is provided free of charge by the breezes that blow off the Pacific—including those that are naturally pulled down by that curvy roof into a lovely open piazza at the center of the museum. "It's a building that breathes with nature," says Piano.

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    我感到 時尚 綠色建築 最錯誤的,是說「美德有助於更好的設計」這個想法。

    好的,我猜想 一間醜陋的綠色建築物 比較 一間醜陋的非綠色建築物 好,但它仍然是醜陋的。所以當我遇到一間 不標榜綠色 而美麗的 可持續建築物時,它令我 感到振奮。

    本月稍後 在三藩市 開放的 加州科學研究院(California Academy of Sciences)是一個完美的例子。它取代了在1989年 洛馬普列塔(Loma Prieta )地震時 破壞的舊科學館。它的設計在其 位置和歷史 上是很 敏感 的:新建築物 不在其壯觀的 金門公園 地點 佔用著 更多的空間,它的建築師 倫佐皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)謹慎地 不建造它高於 原來的建築物 ((36英尺)。

    他的 優雅 簡潔 玻璃幕 大樓 最明顯 的 環保特色 是它的 綠色屋頂:一個 起伏 的2.5英畝 地帶 ,部分 從附近 的山區得到 靈感,它 巧妙地 在它兩個 最大的突起處 底下,給 天文館的圓頂 和 下面的 雨林展品 化了裝。屋頂 栽種了 40種本地植物(不像 本是從一個沙坑 創造出來 而包含 棕櫚樹 及其它 迷人的 外來植物的 金門公園)。這些植物長得低 而 茂密 ,雖然它們在不同的時間 開花 ,但它們 被選 是 因為 它們的 頑強性 和它們 不需要灌溉 的事實,多於它們的 美麗。

    在建築物 內有很多 創新 的 綠色科技 的例子,但 也許 最令人驚訝的 是 在博物館辦公室內的。據 執行主管 格里高利法林頓(Gregory Farrington)說, 在那裡,你可以看到 在今天的建築物 很少有 的 設備:打開 窗戶 用的 把手。令人驚訝的是,這是 因為那裡 沒有 人工 的 冷空氣。唯一的 免費 空調 是從 太平洋 吹來的海風 所提供的,這 包括 那些被 那個曲線形 屋頂 自然地 扯到博物館中央 一個 可愛的 露天廣場 的風。

    皮亞諾(Piano)說:「這是一間 和 大自然 一同呼吸 的建築物。」

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