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求俊秀在piano battle唱的歌詞

我知道東海唱的 my everything



因為跟我找到的搭不太上 !!


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    The loneliness of nights alone

    the search for strength to carry on

    my every hope has seemed to die

    my eyes had no more tears to cry

    then like the sun shining up above

    you surrounded me with your endless love

    Coz all the things I couldn't see are now so clear to me

    You're the breath of life in me

    the only one that sets me free

    and you have made my soul complete

    for all time (for all time)

    You are my everything (you are my everything)

    Nothing your love won't bring (nothing your love won't bring)

    My life is yours alone (alone)

    The only love I've ever known

    Your spirit pulls me through (your spirit pulls me through)

    When nothing else will do (when nothing else will do)

    Every night I pray (I pray)

    On bended knee (on my knee)

    That you will always be

    be my everything (此段*2)

    Every night I pray

    down on bended knee

    that you will always be

    my everything

    oh my everything

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