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What is "unstable" diabetes?

What is "unstable" diabetes? And how long does it take to become too late? I have symptoms of increased thirst (was taking supplements for a while where the side effects was thirst-but not now, and I still feel thirst), tingling sensations, I am losing weight-but I am dieting. At times, I experience blurred vision if I am extremely hungry-and I get very irritable and shaky if I am very hungry. If I do have diabetes, (does it go away with weight loss). I got checked 3 months ago-and I was fine. Now I feel that I should go but I am VERY scared!


I am especially thirsty right when I wake up in the morning.

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    Unstable diabetes is also called "brittle" diabetes. This is when the blood sugar levels go up and down constantly. It's hard to control and the symptoms are sounding alot like mine were. I was peeing TONS, like every hour or 45 minutes. The weight loss is probably a result of your dieting, and it doesn't go away if you lose weight, it just becomes easier to control. People do sometimes get irritable and shaky when they're hungry, but if it happens excessively, you should probably go see your doctor. If you can't, you can get a cheap meter from wal-mart for about 10-20 dollars, and a box of strips for around 10 dollars. This can tell you your sugar levels, and will definitely help your doctor tell you what's going on if you keep track of the numbers you get. You can do a fasting test every morning before you eat breakfast, as long as you haven't eaten for at least 8 hours. If they're consistantly over 100, its definitely time to go see your doctor. If nothing else, the meter will calm your fears for awhile. Good luck!

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    Diabetes is unstable when the sugar level goes up and down. It does a lot of damage to your body including your cardiovascular system and your eyes. Go to an endrocrinologist right away. You can get a machine that tests your blood sugar every day and you will learn how to keep things on an even keel.

  • Go to a doctor, but unstable diabetes means that it is extremely difficult to control; even with the aid of machinery and medication; it's not much of a difference except for the fact that effects are random and are sometimes stronger

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