Who’s the Lady in the Portrait Hanging in the White House?

Seven portraits hang in the Vermeil Room of the White House. If you Google “seven portraits hanging in the Vermeil Room”, starting with the portrait hanging over the mantle 1.)Lady Bird Johnson, 2.) Lou Henry Hoover, 3.)Patricia Nixon, 4.) Eleanor Roosevelt, 5.) Nancy Reagan, 6.) Jacqueline Kennedy and 7.) WHO (her name is not given)? Who’s portrait is it that hangs to the right of Jacqueline Kennedy in the corner? “Mrs, Who’s” portrait first shows up in photos of the Vermeil Room after 1990, but she’s missing in a photo of the Vermeil Room taken in 2008.




It's not Eleanor Roosevelt. If you pan in on the Eleanor Roosevelt portrait you will see several smaller mini drawings on her portrait. I believe this is what was referred to as multiple images.

It's not Mamie. She worn a pink gown (that came to be know as Mamie Pink) standing infront of a chair in her portrait. The room houses a collection of gilt silver tableware called vermeil, a 1956 bequest to the White House by Margaret Thompson Biddle. I wonder if it might be Biddle, since the portrait is small. But would that be proper?

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    Well the pictures in which it appears are all from the current administration. It could possibly be Barbra Bush when she was younger, many years prior to becoming First Lady. Her official portrait is from her time as First Lady, but it could be possible it's still her. The others in the room all look like the official portraits and if you go to the Vermeil Room on the virtual tour and click the Portraits link at the bottom of the page it only lists six First Ladies, but the page on the Vermeil room claims seven First Lady portraits are in the room. If it's not an official portrait (as the link to the portraits in the room talks about who painted them and such), then it could be a family portrait of Barbra Bush that's not worth mentioning since it's not likely to remain with the White House.

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  • It says it was a multiple image portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt. There are 2 portraits of Eleanor Roosevelt.

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    Looks a little like Mamie Eisenhower but I couldn't get the focus clear enough and she would belong in the order of those you have listed. Thanks for introducing me to the site - very interesting!

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