I've graduated w/ a Arts BA, looking to go for an MA, what can I do w/ MA in Liberal Studies? Is it worth it?

I would like to go for a PhD in Museum Studies and am looking at going for a Liberal Studies MA Degree. I have been getting mixed messages w/ the Liberal Studies MA Degree. Is it worth my time to go thru the education. The reason for me looking at an MA in Liberal Studies is because I am trying to get enrolled in the online Graduate Programming at Empire State College of NYS. Can anyone help me?

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    I am in the Masters program for Liberal Studies at Univ Of North Carolina. I actually really enjoy it. However, I plan on hopefully heading strait to my PhD as soon as I get my Masters. It is a really great degree because it is not so localized and emphasizes a broad Graduate level education. I also recieved mixed signals, but in the end, I am glad I choose this program. If you do go for this degree, you will enjoy it and it opens up many different doors to other PhD programs. Good luck.

    Source(s): Current Graduate student for a Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies.
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    Become a teacher once you received ur certificate..or move 2 up state NY and teach a art class for past woodstock attenders...Get real you skated through school without makin a choice on a major and now you wanna know what job u can get...a question you should have considered when you were walking the fence...

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    i will inform you what my instructor instructed me: that for the time of the top, it somewhat did no longer be counted in case you have been summa *** laude or something, or in case you went to an Ivy League, yet which you acquire the degree, which you're in a position, and that if want be, your tutorial and previous overall performance might desire to be verified. Which somewhat skill that so long because of the fact the faculty you propose on going to is a robust software, and which you do properly, and which you get your degree, you may desire to be effective. flow around in straight forward terms for the adventure. amplify your community, yet do no longer flow becos your pal instructed you to.

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