How much does it cost to build and then maintain a mile of railroad?

What does it cost per distance to go out and build a rail road infrastructure? How much does it cost to maintain that infrastructure. Please list good sources.

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    Heavy main line, figure $1.3 Million per mile to build, as a general rule of thumb. Heavy grading, bridges, tunnels and the like raise this number considerably.

    Maintenance costs are dependent on the geography (tangent track is cheaper than heavy curvature) and climate where the tracks lie, as well as volume of traffic and the intended speed over which trains are to be operated. The more extreme the given demands for a stretch of railroad, the higher the maintenance costs.

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    I'll agree with Bob's answer, that is very close to the latest figures I heard of 1.25 mil, give or take.

    The land acquisition is gelerally much more than the cost of construction.

    As for maintenance, that can vary tremendously depending on the terrain and traffic.

    For instance, passenger or light freight use, maintenance would be very little until the ties needed replacing and that could be 20 years or more.

    For heavy freight service such as grain or coal lines it would be much much greater but still only a fraction of the maintenance involved in a mile of highway moving the same tonnage by truck.

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    They're building a railroad in Thailand that's $220 million for 70 miles, for just over $3 million per mile. See the first link.

    The second link lists prices of specific railroad pieces and how they changed over time.

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    I used to work for the rr in New Jersey. Back in the middle 1980s it was one million dollars per mile for new construction, and maintenance can vary. That depends on use and if there are defects. Weather, storms and such. Maintenance is very hard to get dollar specific.

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    For class 2 you can count on 1 million a mile new, 300,000 per year to upkeep plus bridges and stuff

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    9.5 mil/mile for a 32 mile spur in Anchorage. Route through flat woodland/farmland and parallel to a road

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