Do christians really cut there body parts off because the bible says so?

In the bible it says that if a certain part of your body commits a sin you have to cut it off. Well do uber christians really cut off there limbs to please god?

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    modern Christians no longer do that, it's sad though cause that way we'll be able to see who's Christian and who isn't easily...

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    If thy right hand offends thee then cut it off and cast it away? No .... the body of Christ is "symbolically" made up of various types of people. When a man goes astray and the word of God becomes lost in his heart and he turns himslef away from God then he drags many out away from the Church with him. Therefore he should be cast aside and this man is symbloic to thine own right hand ( depending on his rank in such a church ). The same holds true for your eye.

    Believers make up the body of Christ therefore Christ being with us and in us and us in him what ever limb needs be removed from the body when it becomes "corrupt" is quickly removed by a wise people. Also a man's sins can be considered limbs as well "symbolically" so Christ's words about limbs and offenses can have more than one meaning.

    A man's iniquities, for example, can be viewed as his legs or arms if he holds to his dad's sins and is a lover of his dad's own sins. Like the old addage "Don't be a pu**y you cry baby" that a dad says to his son and his son in turn passes on to his children, when the whole time "Crying" is a relief of pain and sorrow that should not be stiffled.

    The way God and Christ see things aren't the way mankind sees things.

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    He didn't mean to literally gouge your eye out or cut your hand off. He was using it as a teaching tool. He was saying that we need to cut things out of our lives that cause us to sin. If you have a problem with pornography then it might be better to get rid of your computer or television or your video tapes or all of the three if you are unable to stop yourself from doing it while you still have them. If you can't help but to steal, then avoid stores. This is what he meant. Not to literally harm yourself.

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    I've got all my limbs. I am missing some internal organs, and I have some man made additions (titanium rods and screws in my back).

    Edit- Wow, looks as if some people don't even know what Christ said, which can be found in the New Testament.

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    No if it did like every other person u saw would have cuts all over them. If your talking about what boys do "down there" almost all males in america have that procedure whether Christian or not. Limbs no.

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    I cut my hair, but it doesn't say to do so in the Bible. Did I commit a sin?

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    No, we don't. The verse in the Bible means that if you cant stop sinning with your eyes and repent (which means to turn away from the sin, or stop doing it) then it would be better to pluck your eyes. It isn't saying, sinner go pluck your eyes because you sin, it's saying that for you to be holy in God's eyes, you need to be as sinless as you can be. It is merely saying, it would be better to live life on earth without eyes and go to heaven, than to continue in your sinful life having wicked fun on earth, then die and go to hell. Jesus saves, and changes lives.

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    Not everything in the bible is to be taken literally. What God would ask you to mutilate your own body?

    It is an exaggeration to explain how important it is to not sin -- that they allow you to pluck your eye ball if your eyes have caused you to sin.

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    Wow, definitely not. That verse is usually interpreted to mean that if there is SOMETHING in your life causing you to sin, just any kind of bad influence or situation, then you should have nothing to do with it. Well haha there may be some Christians that take it literally, idk, there are a lot of strange cults out there, but yeah most Christians don't. =)

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    WOW! Talk about Scripture Twisting - that REALLY takes the cake! You're so full of nonsense, you could be the central part of a "nonsense factory" spewing out nonsense 24/7!

    Before you go mocking things that you obviously know absolutely nothing about, perhaps you should first find out what it is you're making fun of. Have you never heard the saying, "It's better to be thought of as a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubts!" ?

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    lol! I wouldn't be surprised with all these crazy Christians these days.

    If you think you saw that in the bible then I suppose it would be true.

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