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y did jj redick get worst when he left duke and went to nba?

he was so good when he was n college & now that he's w/ the magic he runs slower and his defense sucks

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    jj redick is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!! the offense at duke revolved around running him off several screens and double screens, but at this level people can keep up and fight thru those screens and there's 11 other people on the magic roster that the ball should go thru before he touches it. he shouldnt even be in the nba. he needa be dropped down to the d league. he's not quick cant create his shot, no D, sucks at every aspect of the game except for shooting from long range. no mid range game and cant finish at the basket, cant even get to the basket!! there is no reason jj redick should even should be the topic of any discussion except worst 1st round pick ever.

    career averages of 5 ppg, 1 reb, .8 ast, .2 steals and to top if off, this "shooter" shoots 42% from the floor and 38% from 3 pt.. 38%......

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    nor is gonna be a lottery %., shelden williams is at ultimate an undersized middle, the quickness of pfs will break shelden, shelden has no offensive activity, all his factors got here from rubbish factors, positioned backs, or layups. As for JJ he will flow between 15-22. JJ would be do lots of a protecting criminal duty to be picked any greater. If JJ could desire to strengthen his ballhandling, he could desire to start for many communities on the PG, and there may be no subjects along with his protection.

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    He doesn't run slower...

    You get that feeling because people in the NBA are much faster than people at the college levels...

    His defense always sucked...

    Source(s): Y.S.
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    1 decade ago

    hes only a shoot

    when he gets on the court teams take the ball rite at him everytime

    needss to improve defence

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  • UCLA!
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    it's about destiny!

    great college player such as christian laettner did it too!

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    well he cant do anything else but shoot, and he plays no defense

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