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Stephanie meyer's next project?

I fell in love with the twilight series, and I already know about the Twilight guide, but does anyone know if Stephanie meyer is going to write anything else anytime soon?


Yeah i also knew about Midnight sun and im soooo mad that she cancelled it!

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    It is said that she's working on a ghost novel thats title has something to do with summer in it. She also wrote The Host a good while ago, which is an excellent novel. I definitely reccomend it.

    By the way, her name is Stephenie Meyer, not Stephanie Meyer.


    Just for the record, Jan C, she's only writing Twilight from Edward's perspective, not any of the others, and Midnight Sun is on hold, so it may never really be published.

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    if you haven't read The Host by Stephenie Meyers, its really good

    she was going to write Midnight Sun but im not sure what happened, some of it is on her website if you haven't read it.


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    She might release Midnight sun with Edward's perspective.

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    well all together she has to write 8 books but she has finished 4 of them and she is working on the 5 one right now

    the 5th 6th 7th and 8th books are just twilight , new moon , eclipse , and breaking dawn in Edwards perspective !!!!!!!

    and there is also the host


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    she was supposed to write midnight sun which is edwards side of the story but someone stole it and put it on the web

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    The host is by her.

    It's about aliens.

    But i've heard it's a very good book.


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    have u read The Host by her

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