How many are in the cast of the play "South Pacific"?

I tried out for my school's springtime musical. 20 people (including me) made it back for callbacks. Those 20 are the only ones being considered for roles- no one that will be in the play got an "automatic pass" and didn't have to go to callbacks.

I wanted a small part. I mainly want to dance in it.

The problem is, I think I flubbed up the acting portion a lot at callbacks, though.

My question is this: For the 11 girls and 9 guys that made it through to callbacks, how many will get roles?

I know we are keeping the original play, so all the main characters, medium characters, and small characters. This includes all the nurses and sailors. How many are in the cast? (and it would be extremely helpful to say the actual roles too, not only a number.)

thanks guys!

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    The official Rogers and Hammerstein site lists it as this:


    2 Women

    2 Men


    1 Woman

    5 Men

    1 Boy

    1 Girl


    Large singing ensemble consisting of Islanders, Nuns, Officers, Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers


    Ensign Nellie Forbush

    Emile De Becque

    Ngana - his daughter

    Jerome - his son

    Henry - his native servant

    Bloody Mary

    Liat - her daughter

    Bloody Mary's Assistant

    Luther Billis


    Stewpot (Carpenter's Mate Second Class, George Watts)


    Lt. Joseph Cable, United States Marine Corps

    Capt. George Brackett, United States Navy

    Cmdr. William Harbison, United States Navy

    Lt. Buzz Adams

    Yeoman Herbert Quale - sailor

    Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey - sailor

    2 Seabees (originally named Morton Wise and Richard West)

    2 Sailors (originally named Tom O'Brien and James Hayes)

    3 Marines (Originally named Sgt. Kenneth Johnson, Cpl. Hamilton Steeves and Staff Sgt. Thomas Hassinger)

    A Shore Patrolman

    Lead Nurse (originally named Lt. Genevieve Marshall)

    Ensign Dinah Murphy

    Ensign Janet MacGregor

    7 Ensigns (originally named Connie Walewska, Bessie Noonan, Rita Adams, Lisa Minelli, Pamela Whitmore, Sue Yaeger and Cora MacRae)

    Islanders, Nuns, Officers, Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers

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