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One word sarcastic answers.?

So come on people,who thinks that Yahoo should do SOMETHING about replies to answers which are sarcastic and unhelpful?After all, it is suppose to be a Q&A site,isn't it?


The JOKE was on YOU Suckers.

Update 2:

Sad little one word point seekers that is.

Update 3:

Ahh geee "claw" got YOUR attention anyway.

Update 4:

Yea "claw" but I got urs 1st. STRIKE

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    Yeah, I totally agree. They answer: yes, no, maybe and get 2 points, when these other people write entire paragraphs and get the same as the people who write 1 word answers.

    Unless it is a yes or no poll

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    It's up to us, the Answers community, to report answers that are sarcastic in nature. This is the only way to get Y! to do something about it. Now some people think it's a joke to post sarcastic answers, but the others see it that way and report them. Remember there's no room for sarcasm here. Either they answer the questions properly and with relevance or just stop coming here. It's that simple.

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    Yeah I think those suck too and don't get why people wouldn't rather just not waste their time answering the question if it annoys them so much but for the most part I find people are helpful. Unfortunately its really hard to regulate stuff like that on a scale like this so just try and ignore them and focus on the information in the helpful answers that are posted. Those who leave snide comments aren't accomplishing anything; they're just wasting time but you don't have to do the same and focus on that.

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    Well genius, it must feel great breaking into the comedy business. The joke was SO funny.i really can't stop laughing. it took me ten minutes to type this because i had to stop and laugh.

    You did want a sarcastic answer didn't you? and now i got ur attention

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    but sometimes people ask such stupid questions with the purpose of getting a reaction, in these cases it is appropriate to leave a sarcastic answer. XD

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    The Yahoo team can't possibly read every answer, so it is up to the users to report anything that is not an answer.

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    The world thrives on sarcasm.

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    I know what you are getting at, but it's fun to joke around, laugh, have fun. Yes? Cmon, I know you enjoy a good laugh.

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    I KNOW! THEY should DO something about THAT. I mean REALLY especially ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE that capitalize EVERY other FREAKING word.

  • AA
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    1 decade ago

    Well, ideally people would only ask serious, intellegence-seeking questions.

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