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Is it common for young teen girls to shave their arms?

I've been noticing other girls in my grade with hairless arms, and I've been considering shaving them. I'm afraid, though, that I'll get tired shaving my legs AND arms, and it always grows back darker and thicker, so it's not like I can just stop. I only have light brown hair, but it still stands out against my pale skin. To shave or not to shave?

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    wow don't shave your arms

    I am 20 years old and do not know any females I have encountered in my life with shaved arms

    If your arms are really hairy and bother you, get them waxed

    If you shave them, your razor blade will get dull a lot faster, nicks will be hard to hide, not to mention your arms will get really tired

    oh and the hair will grow back darker

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    DON'T shave your arms. You'll regret it. I'm 16, I started shaving my arms at 12 and it's something you can't really stop because it grows back darker and thicker - and often times prickly. If there's a very large amount of hair that makes you feel gross, then by all means - go ahead and shave them, but I'd suggest not doing it to the extent that your arms are completely smooth. Just lightly, with some soap - not shaving cream, taking off some of the hairs but not all.

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    Umm i shave/wax my arms, but then i have fair skin and my hair is black..its completely up to u, if u feel that ur hair stands out alot, then shave because noone likes hairy arms :-) and if ur worried about ur hair growing back thicker and darker, wax dont shave. Even though it hurts much more, after u wax continually in the long run, ur hair will become thinner and so eventually u wont have much hair left. Also scrubbing your arms with a pumice stone helps get rid of the hair root or cells or something like that....heard it on a beauty show :-) I say to shave.

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    Don't shave, because once you start you have to keep up with it. And, you're right it does grow back thicker! I have a friend that shaves her arms, but when you touch her arm after her not shaving, she's prickly!! It's weird!

    I have dark arm hair too, though it bleaches in the summer sun so its not too bad. You could try cosmetic bleach if it really bothers you, and if you have the money you could always to laser hair removal.

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    Ok, I have blond hair and I shave and I'm a young teen girl. As long as you do it pretty regularly, it just makes your skin more shiny and smooth. Plus, you feel a lot less self conscious. But make sure to use a good raver, it makes the difference between something easy and painless or hard and very painful.

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    I don't shave my arms, because what if you have to go somewhere, and you don't get to shave. I mean you can hide your legs, but it is kinda hard to hide your arms. Also not really normal, to shave the arms I think it is a waste. It kinda makes someone look weird. Or at least that is what I think. It is up to you.



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    I know exactly how you feel. I have light brown hair too, but i have always decided not to shave my arms because it is perfectly normal and the hair always grows back darker and thicker. And I would not ever want to do that knowing I could never stop shaving.

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    Out of all my friends only 1 of them shaves here arms and I think that's a little creepy. They are soft but she has to shave them as much as her legs and shaving legs already takes up enough time.

    Yeah your hair might show up dark on your skin(same case with me) but it's not something people judge people on. Judging people by the hair on their head is smarter than judging them by the hair on their arms..

    So I say no to shaving arms.

    Hope that helps:]

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    I wouldnt and I have never heard of it before. Plus like you said it will grow back thicker and darker. You dont want to look like a man do you? Arm pits and legs thats all you need to shave.

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    I tried shaving my arms and I just wait til they get a bit hairy before i shave them again, because just a little bit of hair is normal.

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