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Why does Japan gives America watered down version of theirs sports cars?

Examples Evo didint have ay of the computerized differentials until years later.


why are they so stingy with their Nissan Gtrs? They finally sell them here. i'm sure they could have sold the previous versions here but too lazy to modify the car to meet our standards

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    Needing to meet strict California emission regulations, and trying to keep the price down to sell cars.

    Most Honda engines here in the US have slightly lower compression ratios than over in Japan, which often results in a 8-10hp different. That is purely done to meet the emission regulations of California.

    As for the missing electronics and such, it is due to the lower sale prices. I have a Best Motoring video about the Tokyo Auto Salon from years ago, where the representative from Mitsubishi states this as the reason. They wanted to keep their price tag down, so they could sell more, and also to better compete with their biggest rival... the Subaru STI.

    The Nissan GT-R's are a very strange thing though. While they claim 480hp, this is known to not be the case. Each engine is hand built, so power varies between each engine. Nissan is also simply a big fat lair :) . 480hp is well below what the cars really make, especially when you realize that this rating isn't even supposed to be taken as 480hp at the wheels. They've been dyno'd to right around 480 WHEEL horsepower! This is the US model by the way.

    Edit: For "Steven G". All horsepower specs given by ANY car manufacturer is the horsepower in brake horsepower, which is the horsepower at the flywheel/crank. This is common knowledge for any automotive enthusiast. On the site that YOU linked to, they even state that it's 480hp, not 480whp or 405hp at the crank, but 480hp. - Official site linked off of Nissan's official site.

    For my claim of 480whp, here are some links of tests done:

    So who needs to do some research?

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    Well you have to think about the US market. What do most people want? The top selling auto's in the US of A are Pick Up trucks and small 4 door sedans for commuting.

    The market for performance/sports cars is almost extinct. Look around when you drive, what type of vehicle do you see the most? You might know people that would rather have a sports car but is that what they own/drive daily? Basically the average person has no need for performance/sports cars like this and the car company's know this.

    The major car company's don't spend much money on production for sports cars. So making any its kept at a minimum. So modifying them so the car can meet regulations in a different market then what the car is able to meet is almost always out of the question.

    *EDIT=Take the Integra Type R for example for Honda to introduce the ITR to the US market the front end and door reinforcment had to be modified to pass impact testing. Suspension had to be R&D'ed again to regain the ideal weight distribution type R's are know for because of the left hand drive move which ment new interior molding. The ECU had to be redone to meet OBD2 standards and the engine to keep emission's down but still make power. So what happened to all of Honda's efforts to bring the to US of A Japan's best FWD? Low sales and less demand for it so they discontinued exporting Type R's to the US.

    You have to understand that it all comes down to one thing, Money. No one will risk putting funds into something with no expectations for profit, this is especially true for Multi-Million dollar Company;s. This is the sad truth.

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    their gtrs are made to order so if you want one just go to the local nissan dealer and ask they are 80000 cars the last skyline gtr wasnt sold here because of government restrictions just like why they stopped selling the supra and as far as the 480 whp goes its 405 to the crank and that is what nissan says not 480 you should do research before posting that a carmaker lies. and the evo had spider gear diff when they came bcuz it worked on stock vehicles what the carmaker inteded it for and the new ones its not so much computerized just limited slip only thing run by the ecu is the center diff america waters down the japanese cars not japan look at europe they have all the same things japan has

    Source(s): my evo ix mr and oh yea the gtr won car of the year 405 bhp and beat the bugatti on the nuremburg fyi bugatti has 4 turbos and is a 1.5 million dollar car 1001hp
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    most of it has to due with government regualations such as pollution control the us is more restrictive on such items than other countrys also the us has stupid regulations as speed control and horsepower regulations and restrictions this is how they control those things here is a good question for your gov ernment why is it that the cars we import have leaner saftey regulations than some we build and export here is a good example the chinese government demands very high saftey regulations from our cars ie we build and export better cars to china than we build or import here in the us hmmmmm .....

    Source(s): me i build for a well known car manufacturer
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    This is possibly the best question ever asked on Yahoo. I have never thought about it, but they do.. maybe they do it because they want to give the newest options to their home country first? Or maybe just to make us Americans mad... I really want to see what kind of answers people have to this question.

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    So they have something to brag about. If they didn't there wouldn't be a JDM movement.

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    Because they are still mad about WWII

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