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Opinions on holistic veterinary medicine?

I'm looking more for opinions from vets (both of the holistic kind and the 'regular' kind), but if you've done some looking into it and have your own opinion you'd like to state, by all means go for it.

I'm serious considering becoming a vet myself, but only recently did I really consider the option of becoming a holistic vet. I like the looks of it so far, but I'm still researching what it's all about.

So, what do you think about holistic veterinary medicine?


dean, if you're going to give an opinion, don't you think you should be a little more specific as to /why/ you have that opinion?

What makes you say that? Last I checked, holistic vets utilized both /conventional/ medicine (the same type regular vets use) as well as holistic remedies. So how do their methods not work if they use such a combination?

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    Last year I decided to find a new vet. My prior clinic was a 2 minute drive and it was inexpensive. They did an ok job but long story short I became dissatisfied with their services.

    I took each cat to a different vet. One was maybe 10 minutes away and was non-holistic. I liked what I saw on their website and knew I would get at least some support for my food choices and I liked that they were cat only. Summary: They were better but I wasn't bowled over. The time spent with the vet was maybe 5-10 minutes. Foods for sale included Hills and Eukanuba.

    Poppy went to the holistic vet. We spent 45 minutes sitting on the floor in the exam room discussing her. Foods for sale included commercial raw, grainless canned, everything one would like to see for sale in a vet's office. It was a RELIGIOUS experience! I was gushing all the way home, for the entire 30 minute drive and in spite of the whopping bill.

    The moral of my story is that holistic vets *seem* to offer better service and do seem to have furthered their education.

    But I think you can be an allopathic vet and still offer that same great service and support for alternative and healthy feeding choices. I think you could even adopt some holistic approaches without having to be certified or whatever is required.

    I tend to get foggy on exactly what holistic means, and I get it mixed up with homeopathy. So I know my answer isn't quite what you were looking for, but at least it's one customer's opinion. Bottom line is, I'd be just as happy with a non-holistic vet if I got the same great service. Then again, I know that (my) holistic vets are going to take the big-picture view of my cats' health, where a non-hol vet might not....

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    I use both and my dogs go to both yearly. My one dog had severe allergies and the traditional treatments were NOT working, and were doing more harm than good. I have always fed Holistic and now Raw food and the improvements were dramatic and amazing, so at recommendations of a very knowledgeable dog person I started to take my dogs to a holistic vet.

    Most Holistic vets have you keep a traditional vet as well, so my dog to go to both. My dog that had allergy problems was successful treated by the holistic vet. There are no side effects to the natural treatment and thank God NO steroids. All i know for sure is nothing the regular vets did worked and I am talking 3 years and about $3,000 in treatment with no success. It was months and a few hundred dollars with natural treatments and my dog is allergy free and I am not killing him with drugs.

    Also the Holistic vets can help you with all natural flea tick treatments so that you do not have to use the common toxic flea killers. I have for years used natural flea treatment and never had one flea on my dogs.

    I have learned so much from the Holistic Vet and my dogs are healthier. Like I said I still have the traditional vet as well, which at least my holistic vet requires. But from factual experience, I think Holistic Treatments and Vets are great and worth it. My dogs are healthier and happier and the regular vet did not get them there.

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    I agree with Walking Lady. I also go to a practice that offers conventional as well as holistic options.

    I have had pets treated with a variety of both and have had great success with holistic medicine. I like having all options open to me and my animals.

    And no matter what "kind" of vet, I want them to be open minded about everything. I do not want a conventional vet telling me that nothing holistic will work, or a holistic vet telling me that medicing is not good for my pet and I need to use only remedies.

    If my pet is ill, I want to use whatever works.

  • Kate C
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    I like holistic vets for the views on vaccines and their ideas about raw diets.

    From what I know, they tend to avoid conventional meds if a holistic method is still an option. If all options have been exhausted, then yes they do go ahead with conventional methods.

    Source(s): Guardian of three raw fed dogs.
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    At my vet clinic, they've got 3 vets who can do chiropractic treatments and 4 who can do acupuncture, both laser and traditional with needles. For my dogs, its invaluable.

    In addition, I've got a greyhound who's kidneys are failing and she's been on Chinese herbs for about a full year now with no further deterioration of her kidney function! The vet uses traditional methods - blood work to test her, and the Chinese herb which is keeping her where she is. The vet told me I can expect it to work for 2 - 3 years which is quite a long time that I wouldn't have her for otherwise. And she eats and drinks and plays just like always.

    The other thing I like about these vets is they seem much more open minded than traditional vets and more willing to listen to an owner who knows their dog and spends time researching.

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    I like it when my vets tries the alternative medicine (herbals and stuff) when he's not sure the traditional medicine will work. My own doctor is like that and I've had success myself. My vet told me to try Tea Tree oil on my birds bumblefoot and applying vitamin A. She was a very sick bird from conception, but I can see how that would have worked. I like to work with diet instead of just administering drugs. I like to get to the underlying cause that way instead of just covering up the symptoms. Sometimes antibiotics are the way to go and like I said, it's good to have an alternative. It's healthier for the pet. I say go for it. I commend you and am looking forward to your sharing that knowledge.

  • Rocco's vet is a raw food nutritionist, homeopath, herbalist, kinesiologist, allergy specialist (using N.A.E.T) and she also makes up aromatherapy blends and bush flowers essence blends.

    She also communicates telepathically with her *clients*.

    She uses conventional methods as a last resort or if a strong muscle response (kinesiology) calls for it.

    Ive never vaccinated, used conventinal flea treatments, chemical wormers or fed cooked food/kibble.

    I go to her for everything except emergencies. My emergeny vet is much closer to my home than she is ( I love my emergency vet too ).

    I grew up with alternative remedies. I eat mostly raw food and use herbs/homeopathics myself so to me its completely normal.

    Ive only ever been to a *normal* doctor twice in my life.

    Ive been so inspired by her that I plan to study Canine nutrition/naturopathy later this year.

  • It works like Magic, which is to say, 'not at all'.

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