NCAA Fans? What are 4 non conference teams that Utah and Boise St. could play to get some respect ?

Let's face it. The Mountain West and the WAC are not powerhouse conferences. If they want to play for a title then they have to earn it just like everyone else does.

What are 4 good non-conference opponents that you consider decent enough to consider having a team like Utah or Boise St. play for a national title?

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    i would like to see Utah face Texas

    i would like to see Boise State face USC

  • 4 years ago

    I am so tired of hearing everyone say that Boise St, Utah and TCU does not play anyone. I would be willing to bet you that they would be more than happy to play Alabama, Ohio State or any of the so called big name teams. I am also sure that the big name teams know this and all they have to do is accept the challenge. But we will never see that. because we all remember what happen when Mich took on App. St. and got beat. I hope that one day before I die I will get to see a college playoff system. There are lots of examples out there and I wish they would pick one and go with it. That will never happen because the all power full NCAA would lose money from bowl sponsors. I am sick of the NCAA, I hate the way they take all of this money for these games and give the students nothing. How much money is taken in on the gate, parking and food just on a Tennessee game, they have seating of what 108,000 and you are telling me that those kids can not even get food money, give me break,.

  • Henry
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    1 decade ago

    If either team would joined the Pac-10 their program would fall down the drain. They would no longer get to play those soft teams in their division any longer. They'd be playing quality programs. They wouldnt draw any talent in the next few years, because the top recuits would choose one of the better places to play for and live. Cali, Oregon and even Washington beats playing and living in a place like Utah and Idaho. They'd soon be the laughing stock of the Pac-10, who just went 5-0 in their bowl games against solid teams from other conferences. Its easy to go to a school like Utah if youre a solid player and become a starter. Get enough of them to fill your starting lineup and you have a team that can run a division and become highly ranked. Just not well respected.

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    Well Boise State played Georgia 2-3 years ago. They got drilled, but the SEC would be the way to go.

    Stay away from the PAC 10 unless you play USC, the rest of the conference is weak.

    Big Ten, might be a good idea. They get high cred, butr are weak. So you have a good chance of winning.

    Maybe even the Big 12, for the same reason.

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  • USC! USC!

    USC is the elite program in the nation. Yea, they werent champs...but in my mind they represent the biggest task of an opponent with their resume and Pete Carroll.

    2nd would be Florida, the champs

    3. Texas with McCoy returning

    4. TCU...Horn Frog respect! (and if they did indeed play all 4, putting a team like OU here would be unfair)

  • 1 decade ago

    4 good bowl caliber teams from each of the 4 best BCS conferences. Should be more than enough in my opinion.

  • Anonymous
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    Penn St.

    Those teams spread the opponents out to almost every region of the country. Would give them more exposure for recruiting purposes, unless they couldn't compete. Then the exposure would be useless.

  • 1 decade ago

    They should leave there conferences and join the PAC 10. They would easily send USC to the bottom of the barrel. They would be very competitive there.

  • 1 decade ago

    play Kentucky, Vanderbuilt, Mississippi State and Tennessee...if Mountain West and WAC could beat those four week in and week out, we'll move you up the respect chart...when you can do that consistantly, try Florida, LSU, Georgia and Ole Miss week in and week out.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Citadel and Chatanooga. It worked for Chokelahoma and floriduh.

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