As the designated fittest to survive....?

(by definition GOD does not die) wouldn’t the universe and evolution produce, after billions and billions of years, GOD?

Isn’t GOD the ultimate, the pinnacle of evolution.


Mokele Mbembe

why not? apparent every creature on this planet will expire! the theory says that there will be something to survive. must be god

Update 2:

even the universe will die

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    Perhaps you are right and this God that is formed from evolution will then recreate the Universe again and maybe this has been going on like this forever in a cycle. Sounds like a good theory, I believed that this is what happened to our Souls, rather than our physical selves, after thousands of years of learning lessons through incarnations but your theory holds merit of it's own. Nice work, that sort of thinking is what gave us the Theory of Evolution in the first place.

  • 1 decade ago

    wait so ur saying that someday a human will give birth to god? ok thats a little creepy to think about. and your saying that god will live forever, but then you say the universe will die, so where will god live then huh? thats right nowhere, cause there will be nothing if the universe dies. and by saying the fittest to survive, are you suggesting humans, are you? i sure hope not, cause humans are most definitely NOT the the designated fittest to survive. just look, we've only been here for a while, and we are already killing ourselves with greenhouse gasses, cigarettes, and other various things. most animals have been here way longer than humans have, and will probably still be here long after. just cause we're smart, dosnt mean we're the best. and i also agree with mokelle life can produce powerfull things, but now god.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You assume Evolution has a pinnacle or that it is capable of reaching one - Evolution is not purposeful, and does not, actually, "find" the best or the most fit of all possibilities. It merely means that the most fit of the *random* mutations are more likely to survive and breed. It may well (and has in the past) plateau or get caught in a blind alley.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You seem to have a confused notion of what a god is. Evolutionary selection only generates iterations of life that are progressively more apt to survival in their environment. It won't create a 'perfect being'. Even if it makes creatures with superpowers and immortality, that's not enough to constitute it as a god.

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