why do orphans become drug dealers or addicted?

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    1 decade ago
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    Orphans..whether they grow up in an institution or foster homes don't get the parenting they need, in most cases. In a group home, it's easier for them to follow the norm and lead a dangerous life to fit in with their peers, also because they think that they have nothing to lose anyway. Then they often get bumped around in different foster homes, with bad influences for foster parents as well as foster siblings. There's always the sense that they don't belong anywhere and aren't wanted by anyway so they use drugs to mask the pain. They also migh sell drugs because they havn't be taught the importance of education, and don't have anyone to help them financially to go to college anyway, so they sell in order to make a living because that's the only option that they can see being available to them.

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    ask yourself again .......... Parental care

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