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Why did they do that in the English translation of Quran ?

The original verse : ( لهم قلوب لا يفقهون بها ولهم أعين لا يبصرون بها ولهم آذان لا يسمعون بها) الأعراف 179

The English version of Quran : [7:179] We have committed to Hell multitudes of jinns and humans. They have HEARTS with which they do not understand, eyes with which they do not see, and ears with which they do not hear.

the ACTUAL transltion : [7:179] We have committed to Hell multitudes of jinns and humans. They have MINDS with which they do not understand, eyes with which they do not see, and ears with which they do not hear.

Quran clearly says that people use their hearts to think, which is proved WRONG by modern science.. of course people didn't know that when Mohammad wrote the Quran

For non English speakers, Translate the word "قلوب" which means hearts, it is written in the arabic verse, but removed from the English verse so people won't hold it against the Quran


Ankaboot.. ummm.. what the hell are you talking about? thats a very irrealavent copy-paste kind of answers

Update 2:

@ G#2.. If we read the Quran from the arabic version, the verse clearly stats that God gave people hearts ti think with it (لهم قلوب لا يفقهون بها)

lettral translation (you can use google translator to make sure) "They have hearts with which they do not understand"

Update 3:

The question is.. were Muslems so ashamed of the horrible scientific mistake mohammed wrote so they decided not to do the same mistake in the English versions ?

Update 4:

Yes.. people say "2albak 7agar" and "ruthless heart" to the people who are aggressive.. and god in this verse was talking about understanding NOT aggressiveness

You don't say to a stupid person "2albak 7agar" you say it to the aggressive people

Update 5:

@ Politically Incorrect : im just saying that "God" made a scintific mistake in Quran when he said that people understand with their hearts NOT their brains

Update 6:

@ G#2 : He also said "eyes with which they do not see, and ears with which they do not hear."

didn't you understand the verse ?

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    Because English does translation of the general meaning, not word-for-word.

    Therefore, it proved that the English version of the Quran is wrong, so always read Quran in Arabic, and not in English.




    Nuts Coco -- What about the Arabic Egyptian expression: "Albak 7agar", which the literal meaning is that ur heart is stone. Does this really mean like this? no, it just means that u have no feelings anymore. But do you feel with your heart? Don't say yes, coz u both understand, think, and feel with ur brain, which gives order to any body part to do what it's supposed to do.

    btw, I just made up this last part. Ana mish mofti, maybe if I am wrong, then it has some meaning that we both don't know then. :)


    It said: They have hearts with which they do not understand, sa7? Then what's the problem, do u understand with ur heart? No, so the sentence is correct.

    The End.

    lol, I told u, akeed it means something that both of us don't know, or are not sure of.


    Did u not understand me say enn akeed loh ma3na mistakhabbi wla 7aga. Ental kasban el marradi ana ma3rafsh.


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    Yes, it was a mistake to translate the Koran into any other language. Because to do so revealed the hideous inconsistencies, the hate, and the incriminating lack of correlation with Judeo-Christian scripture. As long as the Koran was in a language that almost nobody understood, you could claim it said pretty much anything and no one could contradict you.

    The Bible has been translated into many many languages, and the fundamental ideas have not been altered. This gives lie to the idea that you must present a religious tract in it's original language lest it lose meaning. There's a grain of truth to that, but only a grain. If the scripture is truly inspired by God, then the important concepts will survive translation, even if the local color is lost.

    To claim that the holy word of Allah can only be understood properly in an archaic form of one of the most difficult languages in the world portrays Allah to be a pretty pathetic deity. History bears this out, for most early muslims had to be coerced by either the threat of violence or the promise of booty to join Islam. When given a chance, most of them left, sparking the riddah wars. Christians, on the other hand, followed the teachings of Christ voluntarily, often risking and in many cases suffering persecution and death for doing so. Christians even today suffer persecution and death in places like China and many Islamic countries.

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    You seem really interested in language, so I'm sure you've read lots of texts in different styles. It doesn't take a genius to realise that poetry is differently written to scientific manuals, or novels are differently written to biographies.

    The Quran was not revealed to be a scientific manual, but as divine guidance. The language is sometimes more on the poetic side. Sometimes words and phrases are used that made sense to people at the time, but if they were translated literally into English they wouldn't convey the meaning of the original Arabic.

    Think of the figures of speech you use in everyday language - e.g. English speakers might say something like 'so-and-so was getting cold feet about his wedding'. If you translated that into another language, or said it to someone whose first language is not English, I'm sure they'd be quite confused. After all, we're all advanced enough to know that the temperature of one's feet is not a reliable indicator of one's willingness to do something, but saying it portrays a sentiment to another person efficiently.

    So I'm sure you realise that the Arabic you quoted does not literally mean that God gave people hearts to understand with, and therefore the Quran is scientifically wrong. Translators try to use the best word to fit the meaning and spirit of the original Arabic, and (mostly) do so sincerely, with no intention of deceiving anyone.

    Besides, the use of the word 'heart' here seems more suitable, even in English - people often say that they 'know something in their heart' or 'love someone from the bottom of their heart'. We know that our hearts don't literally think or feel, and are much better suited to pumping blood, but the idea persists that the heart is the source of emotion and seat of feelings.

    Also, there have been studies done on heart transplant patients about inexplicable results - one that I remember was on a patient who recieved a donor heart from a violin player. No information was given to the patient or their family about the heart donor, but he found himself wanting to listen to violin music after the transplant, and took lessons to learn how to play.

    Science has not fully understood everything to do with the heart and its link to emotions.

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    what are you doing?

    are you trying to prove to everyone

    that the only true language of god is arabic

    therefore the only way to truly know

    what the h*ll god said

    is to learn arabic?

    you're gonna give islam a bad name.


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  • Tony B
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    The Quran, like the Bible, is the work of men! Men who wrote down THEIR beliefs, and like all men, they are full of flaws. They assumed that god was inspiring them, but it was their brain that was doing that. There is no god! There are too many gods for there to be any god. Their very numbers indicate that there are if fact none! How did you come to believe in your god? I'll tell you. It's because of your parents and peers. If you were born somewhere else, you would believe something else. It is by pure chance that you believe in what you do.

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    You should check different translations and not be literal where you need to be metaphorical and so forth. Be more clever, that's all.

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    I guess using deceptive measures is ok as long as it brings people to islam. Some Muslims will do anything for allah, even tell lies or blow themselves up.

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    Translation is not the Quran Al hamdoullah, ask someone that reads it in arabic what it means for you.

    Ouzibillahi Mina shytan Al Rajeem

    Bismillahi Al Rahman Al Raheem

    And We have already consigned to hell many a Jinn and humankind whom We created, for they have hearts that are incapable of absorbing; they have eyes that are incapable of seeing; and they have ears that are incapable of hearing! They are as dumb as cattle; in fact even worse than cattle; they are stuck in (the quagmire of) ignorance!

    When Moses landed on the shores of his township to conquer his people, they rushed to him, begging him to pray for the defeat of Moses and the Children of Israel. Knowing well that Moses was a Prophet of Allah and praying for his defeat was of no avail, he refused to pray and instructed them not to wage war against him. However, when his people brought to him a precious hoard of treasure, he could not resist the temptation, agreed to pray for the defeat of Moses, accepted the bribe, climbed the hill and began to pray. But his prayer was countermanded by Divine intervention in such a way that when he prayed for the defeat of Moses, it sounded to his people as though he was praying for their defeat; and when he prayed for the victory of his people, it sounded to them as if he was praying for victory to Moses.

    When they asked him why he was praying for the enemy and not for his own people who had given him an handsome reward, he lashed out his tongue and said he no longer had any control over it.

    However, many commentators state that Bal'aam was the third angle of a triangle of those who had defied Moses, - Pharaoh who used his might against him; Kora who used his wealth against him; and Bal'aam who used his knowledge against him.

    The similitude of the dog is to underpin the fact that those who are prisoners of greed will resort to greed whether they are threatened or admonished, in the same way as a dog pants with his tongue lashing out whether it is threatened or ignored, because it is in his nature to pant with his tongue lashing out.

    Source(s): Ankaboot
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