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What is the best way to master Biology?

This is my first yaer in Science Stream class, after taking a basic final exam last year ( I got 7A1B )..

I always asks myself If I can out smart Science subject or not, so I would like to give it a try in science class..


What is the best way to master Biology?

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    Learn the phylogenetic tree and learn the experiments.

    You need to keep the breadth of the subject in mind. Much of what we have learned depends upon unusual properties of a particular organism. If you can understand why the octopus can have a human-like eye, but very unhuman-like blood, or why dogs, amoebas, and corn are similar, or why yeast and bacteria are different, then the subject makes sense and becomes more than an extensive list of facts. Memorizing facts is half the battle, but connecting them makes them useful.

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    learn the fact and understand it like with any other subject.

    the more time you spend with it and the more you understand the better you will be at it.

    If you want to "outsmart" your science class, do more than what is required.

    Put a lot of work and effort into it and you'll manage fine.

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    just have the passion towards it. And try to do experimental observation that will help you more to build your interest in this subject... Enjoy student life..

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