Why do people park backwards?

What is the rationale for backing into a parking space? It clearly takes longer to back in than back out, unless you are unloading something from the back on to the curb why would you do this? It seems like idiocy to me.


Yeah shorty but harder to see when you back in especially if you pull in as far as you should which many of the backer inners don't do leaving the front end of the car sticking out into traffic!!

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    I ALWAYS back into a parking space, and here's why...

    - My car has a long bonnet, so it's a hell of a lot easier to see how close I am to other cars when I go in backwards, and it's easier to judge the distance from the back of my car, to the curb, than the front of my car to the curb.

    - My car is very low, especially at the front, and if I drive in too far, the bottom of the nose bumper will scrape, where-as the back end never does, so I back in to be safer.

    - My car is sleek, sexy, and mean looking from the front, so I like to put it on display, even when it's parked at the store :)

    - It's a hell of a lot easier to drive out straight, than drive into the flow of traffic, butt-first and blind...

    - I can't drive up onto my driveway from the front, due to my lowered front end, so I back in all the time. And again, I drive out the driveway facing forwards, which looks cooler, too :) It's all about the style, baby!!

    If you drive an average car, you won't understand why people park backwards. People who don't take pride in their car just park it any old way.

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    I can tell you that I think it's actually a lot safer. The way you have to twist your head and check all angles and make sure you don't hit anything or anybody -- backing up the car and turning at the same time takes a lot of focus. I'd rather spend that focus backing the car into a space where the worst thing that is likely to happen is that I might nudge another car.

    Backing OUT, on the other hand, is an occasion for a lot of anxiety. I'm always swiveling my head like mad and trying to look all directions at once, especially at the grocery store, because so many people are running back and forth, and some of them are kids that I can't see in my mirrors because they are short. I'm always scared to death I am going to accidentally hit and hurt somebody because I just didn't see them. Whereas if I were already pointing forward, as I leave the space my visibility is the same as if I were at an intersection, and I feel a lot more confident about getting out nose-first without any surprises.

    I actually usually do go in and then back out because believe it or not, lots of parking lots here have a rule against backing in. I don't know why.

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    Well I dont know really but I do know that when I reverse into a parking space it is always easier than driving in ..Maybe its because there is less of the car at the back . Also if I am parking in town and the space is a bit tight I try to see the reflection of the car in the shops I can see how much space I have at the back.

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    It is much safer to back into a spot than back out of one. When you back into a spot, you can clearly see the lot in front of you and behind you and can also clearly see traffic pulling out. If you pull in, it may be faster, but it is much harder to see the parking lot traffic as you are leaving; especially if there is a car on either side of you. Your statement about it not being easier to see getting out of the spot is totally untrue. The front of your car is facing out towards traffic and you can see it clearly as soon as you start your car and pull your nose out a couple of inches, whereas if you pull in and have to back out, you are relying solely on your rearview mirror and turning your head (which leaves a blind spot) until your car is almost entirely out of the space. It's not idiocy, it's safe driving (recommended in driving classes) and it is quicker to pull out of a space than it is to back out, so the time thing is a moot point.

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    It is much easier to fit into tight spaces going backwards because the steering is in the front! You reverse the back into the space straight and then shuffle the front into place. If you forward in straight, how can you get the back of the car in? The back wheels don't steer!

    The only thing harder than going in front ways to a tight space is backing out of a spot. You forward out.

    It has nothing to do with safety: While preparing to park, you will be vulnerable to careless drivers hitting you no matter how you do it. The important thing is to fit into a space not much longer than your car. And you can't do that going forwards.

    Source(s): I can park. You clearly can not.
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    Some people don't have the skill to back out of a parking space, and they like the ease of pulling straight out. They can see around them, next to them, and in front of them, so it's alot easier. I myself pull into a parking space where I can drive straight out, rather than park in back of someone.

  • Aporia
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    1 decade ago

    In some states it's illegal to do this (Kansas for instance, got a ticket for that in Wichita once). Whenever I am parked that way it means that when I pulled into the space, the spot in front of me was empty and I simply pulled through.

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    Good question, but I drive a company vehicle for my job everyday and Im always pulling into and out of parking lots. Our job policy is to always back into a parking space, and I believe its for safety reasons so the company won't be liable in case you backed into someone.

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    When I lived in my apartment I always backed in. You see, I lived on a hill and many motorists would come over it quickly. By being able to pull out forward I was less likely to get surprised by some idiot flying over the hill.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree. It takes way too much time and holds up traffic.

    I always look for a park I can pull through of, so I can drive in and drive out. Maybe I have to walk a few more feet, but that's not bad for me anyway.

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