macgyver fan????????????????????????

In what episode did Mac. join the Phoenix foundation ???

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    1 decade ago
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    lol i know this is way off topic

    but Adam and Andrew did a parody song called Hey There McGyver, its sung to the tune of Hey There Delilah

    Hey there MacGyver

    What's it like to get into a

    Sticky situation every bloody episode that I see

    Of your show

    You foiled a bomb plot with some soap

    A can of coke.

    Hey there MacGyver

    Don't you worry about the madman

    There a car bat'ry, an soft squeegee, some iron shavings and

    a Silver Spoon

    What luck there was an exhaust pipe

    Right by your side

    Oh, what fortunate luck you have x4

    Fortunate luck you have

    Hey there MacGyver

    It went into an ad break and then

    I flicked over the channel to see what else was on the telly


    You then escaped I didn't see

    On MTV

    Hey there MacGyver

    I still don't get how you escaped

    That cage surrounded by gunman in a cave under a sea

    Rats swarming round

    And you were just hanging upside down

    12 hungry hounds

    oh I watch it every day x4

    All the shows on tape

    When you were trapped inside that car

    That bad guy still dint get to far

    Cos the answer to life's problems is duck tape

    You somehow managed to get out

    I still don't understand how you got out

    But out you got and you were on your way

    Some chewing gum, a ball of string

    You make bombs from anything

    You will always end up saving the day

    Thats just your way

    Hey there MacGyver

    What's it like, your show is over

    Now your starring in Stargate yes sir

    And now your are escaping from the Gould

    Whilst there are Jaffa in the room

    And the mother ship goes Kaboom

    Hey there are RDA heres to you

    This ones for you

    oh I watch it every day x5

    All the shows on tape

  • 5 years ago

    I don't think he actually "joined" the Phoenix foundation in an episode because in pete brought him from DXS to Phoenix with him if I remember correctly.

    Ask the nice people over at, they know EVERYTHING and if they don't know, they'll find out 😊

    Source(s): 5 years of being a Mac Packer 💕
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have the whole series and I have never been able to answer that question.

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