Can someone please help me match the words to their synonyms?

Ok, the words are

1. sharp

2. student

3. tired

4. hole

5. scold

6. plentiful

7. revolt

8. silent

9. dislike

10. order

11. perilous

12. deny

13. weary

14. crooked

15. saving

16. enough

17. huge

18. inform

19. choose

20. specialist

21. aid

22. turn

23. honesty

24. likeness

25. wisdom

26. hasty

The synonyms-

a. exhausted

b. sincerity

c. immense

d. thrifty

e. refuse

f. expert

g. keen

h. aversion

i. assist

j. dangerous

k. select

l. calm

m. revolve

n. cavity

o. knowledge

p. mutiny

q. reprove

r. twisted

s. notify

t. quick

u. abundant

v. scholar

w. sufficient

x. command

y. imitation

You can use each word more than once.

Thanks so much!!!


3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1. G

    2. V

    3. A

    4. N

    5. Q (maybe)

    6. U

    7. P

    8. L (maybe)

    9. (don't know)

    10. L (maybe)

    11. J

    12. E

    13.(don't know)

    sorry to stop here my class is getting out i gotta go srry couldn't help more

  • 1 decade ago

    1 and G

    2 and V

    3 and A

    4 and N

    5 and E

    6 and U

    7 and P

    idk #8 sry

    only have time to fill in 8

    i gotta go

    hope this helped a little!

  • 1 decade ago will do it. I won't do your work but this site has the information you desire.

    It will give you all the synonyms for the word you type in.

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