Blue Hat Toy Company Kids MP3 Player?

My Little Niece For Christmas Got A Blue Hat Toy Company Kids MP3 Player and We Don't Know Which Program To Download More Songs For It From Like Is There A Specific One? We Already Bought An Itunes Gift Card For Music, But We Wanted To See If Anyone New Anything Exactly Before We Tried It? All Answers Are Accepted and Needed! Thanks!


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    My kids love their blue hat mp3 player. I only wish they made a bigger one for adults and with more memory(or an external memory slot).

    To answer your questions:

    1. Adding files to the radio is very simple. You hook up the radio via the usb cable AND your PC should recognize it as another disk(like any other attached or inserted disk, ie SD chips, portable hard drives). You would just go to the folder where you have music stored and copy to the assigned drive of the MP3 player.

    2. But before adding files, you need to make sure you get the files in the correct format. You need to buy/get files that are in the standard mp3 format. Itunes is not in that format. I do have an ipod, but I'm not sure if you can buy from the itunes store in the standard mp3 format (files will be named *.mp3). I think the player will also play *wma files (but I'm not sure).

    3. IF you want to use the itunes gift card and the ITUNES store doesn't have files in the standard mp3 format available, THEN you'll have to find a file converter.

    I use the first and the original mp3 file format only. I have put these type of files onto the Blue Hat MP3 player with no problems. I think we have about 80 songs on it now and all play well.


    If you are just getting into buying mp3s...... its best to buy songs in the universal format. Other mp3 players will play or convert them before playing. Even Itunes will play them.....actually they will convert the files to their format when they are added to the itunes library.

    I basically have an archive library of songs that i convert from CDs(in 128 to 196 bit rates) or buy online. I try to make sure the bit rate is above 196. I have additional libraries for other formats, but they aren't my main library. This keeps me from getting stuck with only 1 vendor or player.

    NOTE: The 20 songs that came on the MP3 player are stored at the 160 bit rate. Higher bit rates take up more space, but are better sound quality. 128 bit rate is the minimum rate for CD quality sound on a standard sound system. Higher quality sound systems will sound better with higher bit rates. Since the blue hat mp3 player is small, I think you should be okay to put songs with 96 bit rate. This will allow for more songs. And since it has only 256k of internal memory, you will fill up the memory quickly.


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    If you bought the toys for them, saved the receipts, and they didn't break them by stepping on them or throwing them down the stairs, take them back to the store and go buy them some better brand stuff. Just about any store these days has at least a 30 day return policy... not on all items, but usually toys are fine. If they got them as gifts, you might still try returning them. At best they'd just take them and give you the cash back, or if they give you store credit it's not the end of the world. Worst case they so no, and you lose nothing.

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    Could you possibly send me some of your songs or a CD and I will pay you! My son wants more songs but I am just to busy and not tech savvy to download them the correct way.



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