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Should i report my sister in law for benefit fraud?

My sister in law is committing benefit in two ways: Shes working and not declaring it and living with her partner. This has been going on for roughly 2 years now.

I struggle to pay my bills and i don't see why she should be allowed to get away with it. However i very concerned about it coming back to me with being a family member and also how confidential the helpline is and could it be track back to my computer if i did it online.

I have all the relevant details apart from her NI number.

Im in a rutt about what I should do.

Your comments would be appreciated thank you


I'm certainly not jealous, just dont like the fact that shes doing it.

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    Yes. Benefit scroungers are one of the lowest form of pond scum.

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    Your mother would neither benefit nor be in trouble. Your father's returns would be internally audited and he would likely receive a notice that he must either provide documentation to support his claim or pay back the money. added: You or your mother would probably never receive any sort of notification because it is not your return that is in question. added: Don't bother calling (unless you like to hold for an hour and get nowhere). They cannot do anything without a written complaint. File form 3949-A with as much information as you can provide. You can attach any extra notes you want.

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    You can report benefits fraud at the number below. . .

    National Benefit Fraud Hotline 0800 854 440

    Do not give your name or address, even if asked. Use a public telephone box so they cannot trace back to your mobile or home phone.

    It's your citizen's duty but they will not protect you, thus you must protect yourself.

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    Ask yourself,would my sister in-law do the same to me?. That should make your decision easier.When found out she could end up in prison or at least have an impossible to repay debt,is this what you want? And if you could get away with it would you not do the same...honestly.Its alright for the banks to fleece the nation for billions with the help of the govt.but your sister in-law is a far greater criminal is she? Put things into perspective and see if she can get you some cash-in-hand work.

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    It is a tough situation because she is your sister-in-law. However, she is cheating the system. People like this screw it up for the rest of us because we end up paying for it. Be a good, honest person and turn her in because she is in fact stealing money.

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    If you were worth your salt you wouldn't be concerned about anonymity.

    I find the number of "welfare Cadillac" reporters, of late, to be very suspicious.

    Wonder if it's just a coincidence that our government has been giving trillions to international corporations lately?

    Source(s): And look at the number of answers this question has received? Wow!
  • Well we always strugle to pay bills well most of us so you are no different from the rest of us its just life. your sister however i know its wrong but just ask yourself do you want to fall out with your sister in law and maybe brother? what does he think about this?

    because if you report her/them they wont forgive you.

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    A confidential helpline means its confidential she will not find out its you. You should deffo report her, she is breaking the law and its not fair for her to be taking the money, just like its not fair that druggies can claim disability

  • KazB
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    Depends on whether you can live with yourself afterwards. I think the help lines are VERY confidential and it is fraud she is committing.If you are paying taxes then you are actually subsidising her income.

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