Israel invasion of Gaza: What should/can the UN do?

The security council passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire. Israel is defying it. What does this mean?

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    1 decade ago
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    Ray: We need to keep the United Nations but we also need to add to its powers so that one nation, who is perpetrating aggression - humanitarian suffering, cannot block action against themselves using another country's vote.

    The UN should be able to overcome this technical difficulty by using a democratic voting system i.e. majority rule in favour of stopping the aggressors (note: use of plural there!)

    The UN / the Security Council should formally charge Israeli and Hamas leaders with war crimes, arresting them, putting them in prison and on public trial - shaming them for their animalistic behaviour.

    That could quite possibly result in a ceasefire for other die-hards could then fear being arrested for shooting / targetting defenceless civilians.

    If the UN does not have the power to do that - then emergency measures need to be undertaken NOW to overcome that blockage...

    The UN should have peace-keeping troops on the streets, patrolling, and armed, ready to take out any militant/s who are about to open fire on civilians.

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    1 decade ago

    Well HAMAS defined it first; Israel’s defying was only a response to it.

    What it means is that unless both of the sides agree on a LONG TERM ceasefire everything will go as it goes now. The UN can’t do anything about it- UNIFIL does not want to send troops to watch over the border, to keep the Palestinians away from Israel’s borders. On the other hand- UNIFIL troops failed as two days ago 4 rocket “accidentally” were fired into Israel, right from the Lebanon border, where those troops are suppose to watch…

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    4 years ago

    Your attitude is thrilling by using fact for the time of the "give up hearth" previous to that 'invasion', Hamas fired over 800 rockets and morter shells, over a six month era, into southern Israel. What could desire to they (Israel) have executed? (in assessment to many that remark-as is their top-/criticize (?), I lived in Gaza for some 12 months (no, i'm no longer Palestinian, Arab or Israeli) and characteristic seen, to a pair quantity, how issues function there. Hamas wasn't in charge then, yet they have been engaged on it.) If somebody around the line constantly shot at your place and there have been no police to call, what could you do, take a seat with them and characteristic tea? Israel has made errors, who hasn't, yet they are villified for no longer 'advertising peace', at any value curiously. Why could desire to they take a seat to chat with somebody who won't admit their top to exist? (What if the individuals around the line excused their taking photographs at your place by announcing you do no longer belong contained domestically besides, so what are you complaining approximately?)

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    The UN can't do much more as if they try to impose stronger measures (eg sanctions), the Americans will just use their veto on the Security Council. Note how they abstained from the Ceasefire vote.

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    Oh, please. If Hamas had not launched rockets into Israel, Israel would not have retaliated.

    If any of you who think that Israel is not justified in defending themselves can at least privately be honest with yourselves, riddle me this; if Mexico started lobbing rockets and mortars into California and Arizona, can you honestly and with a straight face, say that the US would not be justified in taking whatever action was needed to stop it?

    And before you start up with the straw man of "proportionality", remember that Israel started with small, pinpoint air strikes on Hamas targets (if civilians were killed, it was because the cowards of Hamas hid behind their own people to do their dastardly acts). When Hamas was too ignorant to see that all they had to do to stop the entire situation was to stop firing rockets, and after countless warnings, pleading, and finally threats, Israel took the final action that any nation would, to defend itself.

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    What can the UN do? Why don't they start by helping Israel to get Hamas out of power? If Hamas hadn't been shooting at Israel, Israel wouldn't be there.

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    1 decade ago

    What invasion?

    Look in the real world.

    Decode this lyrics " Say you say me"

    Not crowd control in own backyards?

    When little children with self lack of knowledge and total loss of IQ were playing with matches and fire works in burning down their own homes.

    Even after the celebration of Ramadan, Christmas and New year was over.

    And they were suppose to go back to school for the new term after the New year in time.

    Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49

    What do you think?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    1 decade ago

    The UN is the paid puppet of the US. Thus they can do nothing.They should simply wind up the organisation and start a circus and in that way they could atleast make some people happy

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    The UN is toothless

    Time to disband and form a force that CAN slap down perpetrators of crimes against Humanity

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