What do Scientologists believe about disabilities like Autism?

There has been a lot of rumor and innuendo about John Travolta's son.

Why do people say that his religion prevented Travolta from seeking treatment for his son?

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    "One of the tenets of Scientology is that mental illness is psychosomatic, and can only be treated through spiritual healing. You may remember Tom Cruise earning significant flak for statements to Matt Lauer concerning mental illness, namely his remark that psychiatry is a pseudo-science. Because of this fundamental belief on behalf of Scientologists, Jett certainly wasn't treated for autism, and was likely not appropriately treated for Kawasaki disease either (especially if his condition was misdiagnosed, as many people suspect it was)."

    "Devout Scientologists like the Travoltas, also parents to eight-year-old Ella, do not recognize autism as anything more than a mental disorder, considering it a psychological affliction of “degraded human beings,” and thus not worthy of treatment with conventional drugs."

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    Do Scientologists use medical doctors?

    Yes. The Church of Scientology has always encouraged its staff and parishioners to see medical doctors to handle the physical aspect of any illness or injury. Once a Scientologist with a physical condition receives the needed medical treatment he can resume his auditing and so handle any spiritual trauma connected with the physical condition. Many medical doctors also are Scientologists.

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    They believe autism is caused by chemical imbalances, and genetics. Autism is actually a prophetic disability hidden in the Bible's matrix code. It is a plague resulting from pollution and environmental toxins, that gets to children during development in the mother's womb, through polluted water and food with toxins.

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