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my wife is expecting and it 7 weeks is it safe to travel by air.and the jounery is around 12 hours .help?

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    There are some restrictions as to just who should and should not travel the skies when they are pregnant. Generally, women who are having a healthy, normal pregnancy are free to come and go as they please. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends women don’t fly after their 36th week of pregnancy.

    Airlines have their own flight restrictions for pregnant women, which can vary according to whether you are flying domestically or internationally and which airline you will be flying. Some airlines won’t allow you to travel for 30 days before your due date, while others won’t let you on board if your due date is less than seven days away. Be sure to ask the ticket agent when you book your ticket just what their restrictions are since they probably won’t mention it otherwise. And don’t forget to consider how close your due date will be when you come back.

    Women who are having any sort of complications associated with their pregnancy or who are considered to be ‘high risk’ should not travel. This includes women with poorly controlled diabetes, sickle cell disease, placental abnormalities, hypertension or those at risk for premature labor.

    Whether you are in your first trimester or third trimester, it is always a good idea to discuss your travel plans with your health care provider before you leave. It may also be a good idea to obtain a doctor’s note saying that it is okay for you to travel, especially if you are in your third trimester. Not every airline requires a doctor’s note to let you on the plane, but sometimes it’s easier to take the extra precaution in order to avoid any possible hassles when you board.

    Flying in Early Stages of Pregnancy

    Flying in early pregnancy is safe. However, during the first trimester, the main concern over flying is making your pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, worse. (You may want to make sure you have a extra few sick bags nearby, just in case.) And a mildly stuffed-up nose on the ground could become much worse once you’re in the air.

    Source(s): Mommy of 3 and 4th on the way. I would suggest asking your doctor fist to be sure it's safe in their eyes.
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    Yes its completely safe. I went to germany at 8 weeks and flew back when I was 12 weeks.

    The only reason doctors or the airlines tell you not to fly is because they don't want you having the baby on the plane. That's why most airlines won't let you fly after 34 weeks. That's the only reason though

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    Yes, it is safe. It is still early in the pregnancy for traveling to do any damage. My wife and I did alot of traveling when she was pregnant until she was about 16-20 weeks along when she started taking it easy on the long trips.

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    Is she 7 weeks pregnant do you mean? If she is 7 weeks preganant yes it is safe to travel by air. If she is 7 months then I would check with her OB or midwife first. If you mean she has 7 weeks to go before giving birth then NO it is not safe to travel by air for 12 hours.

    Source(s): Registered nurse
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    Yeah thats fine! The only reason they dont like u flying is in late pregnancy wen u can go into labour..and clots in the legs, but that can happen to everyone just make sure she moves aound alot to prevent blood pooling in her happens sometimes..

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    Get confirmation from your doc and make sure to walk around quite a lot during the flight.

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    No. The airlines will not take someone that far along onn the plane. After all if you baby did come early with good med. care it would be OK. But being born on a plane with no med. care it could be bad.

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    get ur doctors consultaion 1st.

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