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Mike asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

You think the news media is a tiny bit biased against Israel ? & playing the violin to much for Palestinians?

I would say they are. Thanks for your answers. God bless.

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    Hi average joe, I do believe the news media is very biased against Israel. I think the news media should expose Hamas/Muslims for the barbarians they truly are.

    This video might, just might, cause some people to have a different view about Hamas:





  • meg
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    1 decade ago

    It depend on the country. In the US the media reflects the the government's pro Israeli position and almost never fails to mention the suffering of Israeli civilians that are being subjected to the rocket attacks by Hamas when reporting on the conflict. In it also not getting much coverage on most news programs, more attention is being paid to the Obama's economic proposals and the uproar about the Burris appointment.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, I know you'll give best answer to someone who agrees with ya, but anyway: No. If the killing of hundreds of people a day isn't the top story for the particular news source that I am reading/watching, I will no longer consider that news source a very good one. It's certainly bigger news than whatever new pretty blonde woman/ 3 year old goes missing, as is sometimes reported on for weeks... and there is no denying that hundreds of Palestinians are being killed... I'm guessing it just makes you uncomfortable to see it over and over since you apparently sympathize with the Israeli strikes on civilian targets..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To the questioner & every one of the pro-Israeli answerers above, I would say this-go and visit the region (yes, most if not all of you will need to get a passport but bear with me) and see the attitude of the Israelis towards the Palestinians. They are viewed in exactly the same way I imagine the Nazis viewed Jews; as untermenschen, beneath basic human rights & to be treated as sub humans. I was left dumbstruck by just how much contempt most of the Israelis I met had for Palestinians, and they took the view that killing a hundred or two hundred Palestinian civilians was entirely justified in revenge for the murder of one Israeli.

    I wonder how many of you could actually find Gaza or even Israel on a world atlas?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Reporters have been kept out of Gaza the entire time, and we are just beginning to hear about the horrors. Here is a sample from today's news:

    "Emergency workers said they rescued 100 more trapped survivors Thursday and found between 40 and 50 corpses in a devastated residential block south of Gaza City that the Israeli military had kept off-limits to the International Committee of the Red Cross for four days.

    "There are still people under demolished houses -- we are sure of it," said Khaled Abuzaid, an ambulance driver for the Red Cross who treated survivors at the site Wednesday and Thursday. "But without water or electricity, we are sure they will die."

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    My theory is this.

    A cease fire, of course, works in Hamas' favor.

    The media are facilitating the "humanitarian angle" for the simple reason that it is hard to argue with being against violence.

    In this case however, the violence is necessary to avoid even worse violence.

    Hamas has increased their missile capability exponentially in the last couple of years leaving 15% of the Israeli population at risk (in range).


    In addition, Hamas now claims to have a "secret weapon". [The longer-range rockets are believed to reach about 45 miles, which would put both Dimona and Tel Aviv within range. ] [The ’secret weapon’ that Hamas has hinted at unleashing before the Gaza fighting is over is apparently a long-range rocket. But Israeli officials say the likely target is not the nuclear reactor at Dimona but Tel Aviv.]


    The press is focused on NOT alienating its customers. By supporting a cease fire, they feel that they are on safe ground (particularly against a Muslim backlash).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think most of the blood is on the Palestinian side... it's like 700 deaths to like 20 or something...

    if it bleeds it leads... people respond to tragedy...

    I would say the nature of the media and what people respond to is biased in the Palestinians favor... and it usually is in rebellions of any kind... assuming it's a free media...

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    Last I heard, Israel banned foreign journalists from entering Gaza. Therefore, the reports coming out of Gaza are through the Israeli news media and Al Jazzera . If there is bias, then ironically Israel has a bit of responsibility to bear for that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not when they claim Hamas is some kind of dire threat to Israel which is why Israel has to kill as many Palestinians as they can.

  • Probably

    One thing about Israel is, they take care of Israel and use world papers for TP

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