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Mirgration to Aus ?? (Visa)

1) What visa can i apply ?

2) Any suggestion for this situation ?

Now I'm living in Melbourne with my husband. I'm holding a Student Visa sub class(570) which for study english only ... I entered Australia on Sep 2007, at that monment i'm holding working holiday visa. I'm married with my husband on feb 2008. And he not a PR or citien of AUS. He applied skill mirgration visa(independent) on Aug 2007 and now he is still waiting for the application result. We informed to immirgration dep. that we have married. And the dep. said i seem would live here with my husband so the officer asked me to provide personal information to them. Becasue of that my husband still waiting for the application result. Would I be a problem in his application? boz his friend got their PR VISA already on July 2008. (the officer always asked me to provide information so... it make the process slow !!

My student visa gonna expire soon, and i don't know which visa should i apply? I wanna stay in Aus with my husband untill he got theanswer for application.

Is anyone can give me any suggestion or tell me what can i do ?? Please help !!

Thank you very much !!

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    You are married to a non-resident pending permanent residency whilst in Australia. Since his application was lodged before you's are married, that file has actually been pulled out of its former position from the queue and postponed to wait for information from you to complete. This gets a little bit more complicated and will take more time for the officers to verify both you and your husband's background overseas.

    The most important thing now is to talk to the officer in charge of your file about your student visa status. If your case is genuine and eligible, he should be able to issue a temporary visa so you can keep yourself clean for the assessment. If you over stay your student visa, things could get a little sticky.

    Whatever immigration wants, get it done and delivered straight away. Always keep copies of all documents submitted 'cause the department is huge with many different hands.

    By the way, don't pay anyone money to assist your application. As long the immigration has accepted your application with interview, you are in safe hands. Proper channel is free, open and fair.

    Don't worry. It might take longer in your case 'cause of the marriage (versus your friends' cases) but talk to the officer for advice. He is the only person that can help you.

    You are actually jumping the immigration queue by purposely staying here to apply. Practically you should go back to your country of origin and submit the applications over there then come back when approved. They are being nice here not to send you back so be a little patient and wait. Being here doesn't mean you have the priority to apply.

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    So that mean I have to go back to my home country and wait for my husband's application come up right ? And then he can apply a visa ( Spouse) for me, how long should i wait in this case ?

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    Boz we already have an agency take care my husband's application. And the agency said if you go back then it is hard for you to come back Aus again and also it will take a long time for you to wait for a visa. So I'm feeling confuse here .don't know what is the best way to do now !!

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