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A:Hellow sir,may I check your passport?

B:No problem,please wait a minute.

B:on no!where is my passport?

A:What?do you lose your passport?

B:Yes,I cann't find it.

A:Would you rememeber where you go today?

B:Yeah,I take the breakfast and then I go to cinema.

A:Then you come here?

B:Yes,I take the taxi to come here.

A:I think you maybe lose your passport in the taxi.

B:I think so,I should call the taxi company and I think I cann't fly today.

A:It's so bad,see you tomorrow sir,and bless you could find your passport.

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    A: Passport control officer

    B: Traveller

    A traveller has just disembarked an aeroplane and is at passport control.

    (At the passport control desk)

    A: Passport and landing card please, sir.

    B: No problem, hold on a sec.

    B: Ahh no! Where’s my passport!?

    A: What? You’ve lost your passport?

    B: Yeah, I can't find it!

    A: May I ask where you’ve come from today, sir?

    B: Madrid.

    A: And you had your passport when you boarded there, did you?

    B: Yes, of course.

    A: And then you just accidently misplaced the most important thing you need when travelling?

    B: I must’ve done.

    A: Step this way please, sir.

    B: Wait! Come on. There must be a way...

    A: This way, sir.

    B: Oh for fu…

    A: Excuse me, sir?

    B: Nothing

    A: I thought not.

    (Both people walk to a small room with a table and two chairs)

    A: Take a seat.

    B: May I ask how long this is gonna take?

    A: You can ask.

    B: Oh… So it’s like that?

    A: It most certainly is. You say you came from Madrid?

    B: Yes.

    A: And what exactly was the purpose of your visit?

    B: I went to do some sightseeing.

    A: A holiday… in Spain… A likely story indeed.

    B: Really!

    A: Travel alone, did you, sir?

    B: Look! Will you stop calling me “sir”. We’ve gone past "sir". Just NO MORE "SIR"! OK!?

    A: I must say I don’t like your attitude, sir.

    B: Can we just get on with it?

    A: All in good time. After all… what’s the rush? In a hurry, are we?

    B: It’s just that I’ve gotta get back, alright.

    A: Madrid… You know there was a terrorist attack in Madrid? You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?

    B: No.

    A: So you never heard about the Madrid bombings?

    B: No. I mean… I heard about it but I wasn’t involved!

    A: I never said that you were involved. I never said that. Why would you say something like that?

    B: It’s obvious what you meant!

    A: Travel alone? Did you?

    B: Yeah. But I met some friends there.

    A: And what did sir and these so called “friends” engage in whilst in Madrid, if I may be so bold as to ask.

    B: I told you already. Sightseeing.

    2009-01-10 08:15:49 補充:

    A: Sightseeing eh? Seeing sights. Looking at public buildings, landmarks etcetera. Taking photographs. Am I right?

    B: Yeah.

    A: Sounds like reconnaissance to me. As it would to any jury.

    B: You must be joking.

    A: I assure you I am not, sir. Do you know what “waterboarding” is?

    2009-01-10 08:16:01 補充:

    B: No.

    A: Good. Come this way.

    (The officer leads the traveller out)

    Source(s): Me (英國人), Me (英國人)
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