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tighten your laces..譬喻

tighten your laces...

tight up your laces...

tight your laces...

請問,俚語上 tighten your laces 是譬喻什麼




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    我想是 get ready(準備好的意思)


    e.g. 1. as in "Tighten up your laces and put on your best holiday cheer! The Third Annual ABC Jingle Jog will take place on Saturday, December 6, at 10:00 am."

    就是說請綁好鞋帶, 面帶笑容, 準備開始我們每年一度的 ABC Jingle Jog 比賽....

    e.g. 2

    as in "Tighten your laces and bundle up(準備好出發的意思), because Kimball Pond has finally formed into the crystal, clean surface of ice we've all been waiting for."

  • geo
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    Agree with George!

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