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    The poem was written by John Keats in 1819. It is said that he was inspired to write this poem after enjoying a lovely autumn day walking through the water meadows of Winchester, England.

    The voice of the poem is from the poet himself. In the first stanza, Keats describes autumn in a very concrete way. He uses specific and visual images such as the sun, fruits, vines, and hazel shells. At first, autumn and the sun load and bless the season, making it the most comfortable time of the year. Vines flourish, fruit mellow, and late flowers bloom, these are all aspects that give autumn its abundance.

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    The tone of the poem is very joyful; the poet describes his encounters of the beautiful autumn day with lots of lively images. The mood of the poem is cheerful. The poet is enjoying the environmental scenes that he saw during the autumn day.

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    Despite the fact that in the end, autumn begins to fade and die, the late warmth of autumn from the first stanza encourages the poet to feel the liveliness and beauty of autumn, and lets him calmly express his thoughts.

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    The theme of the poem is simply the celebration of autumn. Throughout the poem, we explore the different themes without confusing or ruffling the calm, gentle and lovely description of autumn.

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    The message that the poet is trying to express is to accept the fact that mortality is not destruction. By the end of autumn, the crops will be bare, the flowers will be cut down, the cyder-press dried and the skys dark and empty, but after the cold winter, spring will come again.

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    The fields will grow, the flowers flourish, and the bird songs will return. So in the end, we learn that destruction can be an appreciation of beauty and has gained wisdom by accepting the passage of time.

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