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二氧化碳(CO2 )--在溫室效應中占55%的比率。由於大量使用煤、石油、天然氣等化石燃料,全球的二氧化碳正以海年六十億噸的量增加中。 

氟氯碳化物( CFCs )--約占24%的泅室效應,目前增加的速率最高。如使用在冷氣機、電冰箱的冷煤、電子零件清潔劑、噴霧劑、滅火器等,都含有 CFCs 的作分,同時此類化合物也是破壞臭氧層的禍首。

甲烷(CH4 )--約有15%的溫室效應由此而起,產生自發酵與腐化的變更過程,主要來自牲畜、水田及掩埋場的排放。

氧化亞氮(N2O )約有 6%的溫室效應由此氣體引起,係由燃燒化石燃料、微生物及化學冒料分解所排放。







1. 使用高效率能源、再生能源以及節約能源等。可以立即採取的行動包括全世界都同意製造二氧化碳排放量低的汽車,省電的電器用品以及節約能源。

2.個人也可以減低他們排放的溫室氣體量,達到立即的成效。例如少開車 節約電源 減少垃圾等



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    Green house effect

    Carbon dioxide(CO2)-occupy 55% ratios in the green house effect.In order to in great quantities using coal, petroleum, natural gas to equalize stone fuel, the carbon dioxide of world just with sea year the quantity of 6,000,000,000 tons is on the increase.

    Fluorine chlorine carburet( CFCs)-occupy 24% Qiu room around effect, the velocity increasing currently is the highest.If use in the cold coal, electronics spare parts detergent of air-conditioner, refrigerator and spray fog, fire extinguisher...etc., all have making of CFCs cent, this kind of compound is also the disaster head that breaks an ozone layer in the meantime.

    Methane(CH4)-around have 15% green house effects from here and rise, stem from to ferment with corrupt alteration process, mainly come from animal, paddy field and bury the emissions of field.

    Oxidize second nitrogen(N2 Os) to around have 6% green house effects from here the air cause, is by combustion the fossil fuel, microorganism and chemistry emit to anticipate to resolve exhaust.

    Ozone(O3)-come from a ground pollution, like the compound of the nitrogen oxygen exhausted by vapor, motorcycle, power plant, oil refinery, through photochemistry function and creation ozone.

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    The phenomenon of the Earth warming is more and more serious...

    Certainly be permafrost a member to can't sit on the sideline to ignore, either...

    At least...We can do these matters for it:

    2009-01-10 13:24:08 補充:

    1. Use high-efficiency energy, renewable energy and economy energy etc..Can immediately take of action to include in the world to all agree the manufacturing carbon dioxide esmissions low car, save electrical appliance and economy energy of electricity.

    2009-01-10 13:24:26 補充:

    2.Personal greenhouse gas quantity that can also turn down them to exhaust reaches instant result.For example few drive to economize the power decrease garbage to wait for

    2009-01-10 13:24:52 補充:

    3.Encourage a government the subsidy develop and provide an all-new clean energy technique, for example the wind power, solar energy generate electricity, the oil give or get an electric shock mixture engine and alternative fuel, all be able to improve the phenomenon of global warming.

    2009-01-10 13:25:00 補充:

    All of these are one of the method of valid ability the decrease"the Earth warming"!

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